May 9, 2022


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

When is Mahathir going to apologize to us Malaysians?

I am sure that many of us appreciate the way Zaid Ibrahim, the new Minister of Law in the Prime Minister’s Department has come forward with an apology on behalf of the BN Federal Government for the way the judiciary was brutalized by the Government of Mahathir Mohamad in 1998!

For all the adulations that Mahathir received for bringing Malaysia out from the struggling economy back then as a result of the prevailing financial storm in that year, it can’t be denied that Mahathir throttled the judiciary and choked the life out of it with his overpowering dictatorship!

The thing I would like to ask has Mahathir ever apologized sincerely for his screwups after all these years?

I know that the Grand Old Man of Malaysian Politics has a way of seeming to say that he is sorry for this and that but if I read him correctly, he was just being sarcastic and not really being repentant as in the manner he spoke at the Century Paradise Club in Hulu Kelang!

The Dialogue with Mahathir came about as a result of my suggestion to Raja Petra Kamarudin to give Mahathir a column in his web portal for us to communicate with Mahathir but Raja Petra countered by proposing to host the former PM with a dialogue and allowed us to have a one on one with him at the club!

Follow up with the rest of the ‘dialogue’ by clicking to the links below:

As you can see, Mahathir was being sarcastic in ‘apologizing’ to the nation for his crimes against Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim?

The thing is will Mahathir ever sincerely apologize for:

  • sacking Tun Salleh Abas?
  • allowing so many corrupt politicians to remain in the BN?
  • appointing Abdullah Badawi as his successor and screwing up the nation in the process?
  • a zillion of other things that we can fault him and his 22 long years of lording it over us?

I for one don’t think that Mahathir will ever apologize to Malaysians in the real sense?

We just might have to live with it and see what other drama is going to take place in Malaysia?