September 23, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Rafidah Aziz throws a spanner in Pak Lah’s works!

I am referring to Abdullah Badawi’s plans to wipe the slate clean and try salvage the BN from facing a total annihilation in the next Malaysian GE being foiled by the Wanita UMNO Chief Rafidah Aziz who remains steadfast as the Wanita BN’s Leader!

Little did he expect the Wanita UMNO Supremo to remain as a stubborn old mule refusing to budge from her seat of political power despite his removing her from the Malaysian Cabinet?

I mean if she had lost in Kuala Kangsar then she would have been automatically phased out from the Malaysian political scene?

Problem for Pak Lah is that the UMNO ‘Iron Lady’ seems welded to the Wanita UMNO Chief’s seat and even ‘Mami Shahrizat’ got her ass whupped by Nurul Izzah in Lembah Pantai making it quite a dead end as far as his attempts to revamp the BN’s fortunes in the near future?

According to sources in Harakah, Rafidah Aziz and Muhyiddin Yassin have been the main stumbling blocks to Abdullah Badawi’s plans to muscle in his beloved son in law Khairy Jamaludin into the UMNO’s Supreme Council.

Rafidah Aziz and Tan Sri Muhyiddin Haji Yassin have objected vehemently to Abdullah Badawi’s machinations to see to it that Khairy Jamaludin gets to slide in smoothly into the highest council of political power in the nation’s largest party of racist nationalist supremacists which is the United Malays National Organization.

In a sense although she is accused of being a major corrupt politician in UMNO after so many years of being the Minister of Trade of the Malaysian Government and also as the ‘AP Queen’, she still packs quite a wallop politically by being the Wanita UMNO Chief and wields quite a punch!

Even Shahrizat can’t outshine the ‘Iron Lady’ and has to toe the line when it comes to the powerplay in Wanita UMNO!

Azalina Othman can only wait for the day when Rafidah Aziz either quits politics or kicks the bucket so to speak?

Right now Rafidah Aziz has thrown a spanner in Pak Lah’s grand designs to effect a total makeover of the BN!

Do you think that the old man is gonna build up his courage to extricate Rafidah’s butt from the Wanita UMNO Chief’s seat?

Why have we not heard from the loudmouth son in law of his who was so vocal in challenging Anwar Ibrahim to a debate about the matter of the oil prices reduction if the DAP-PKR-PAS gets to rule over Malaysia?

Any ideas?

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