April 13, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Anwar’s ‘Reformasi’ sweeping through Malaysian’s mindset!

If we are to reflect back to the way Anwar Ibrahim was treated 10 years ago and the way the nation was split between those who rooted for Anwar and the remaining number of Malaysians who were shellshocked by the unprecedented political decapitation carried out by Mahathir upon Anwar, many would not have thought that the man would have survived all that and now be where he is?

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is on the brink of staging a total comeback to the very topmost seat of power in this country which has just awakened to the reality that the BN aren’t immortals?

Little would BN PM Abdullah Hj Ahmad Badawi have envisioned that the one whom he claimed to have forgotten and does not wish to know would be today poised to kick his butt out of the Prime Minister’s Office in the very new future?

Such is the way of this world. Those who are at the top won’t be there forever.

The time will come when he or she will have to make way for someone else and the beleaguered old man still in denial warming the PM’s seat in Putrajaya needs to wake up to the reality that his days of claiming that ‘I am the Prime Minister’ is numbered?

The sands of time are slowly trickling away from Abdullah Hj Ahmad Badawi’s hourglass but the poor old fool is sadly still not willing to accept that almost everyone save for his ball carriers are calling for his resignation by the day?

When Anwar was sacked from his Deputy Prime Ministership, he was abandoned by almost the entire Malaysian Cabinet Ministers under Mahathir and he became the victim of the mainstream media who were under the control of the BN Government and still are to this second?

Today, Malaysians have voted for the DAP-PKR-PAS Governments into power and sent the BN into the Opposition seats in Penang, Kedah, Kelantan, Perak and Selangor.

Anwar Ibrahim is now seeing his dreams for reform materialize and take root in the 5 northern states!

Malaysians flocked to hear him speak even in the pouring rain!

Can you see such passion in the paid to attend BN crowds? Not even in Pak Lah’s wildest dreams?

‘Reformasi’ is now coming into form and the ones who got kicked out in the process are now proving themselves to be the sore losers of the election in the real sense.

UMNO Malays and Mamaks protested illegally in Penang within days of the DAP-PKR-PAS Barisan Rakyat being sworn into office and proved themselves to be the very troublemakers that the BN once accused the Malaysian Opposition members to be before the turn of events?

Now, the Pseudo Malays of Penang or in reality the Indian Muslims are baying for blood on the pretext of fighting for Malay rights to ensure that the NEP is maintained at all costs by the new State Government of Penang?

Wishful thinking for these useless parasites?

Islam never allowed any particular race to subjugate and oppress those who are under the Islamic rule yet the BN had done exactly that since 1957!

Did you see them cry out ‘HIDUP MELAYU’?

So, if only the Malays are to live, are the rest of the Malaysians supposed to die?

Is that what UMNO Penang are asking for?

Would Malaysians even want these goons to remain in power over the Federal Government still or give them any chance in the next GE?

What do you think?

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