December 10, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

MIC Aiyoyo Samy Tamil Drama unfolds!

The MIC Tamil Drama is now in season. As usual the hero is the one who got whupped in the ass in Sg. Siput , MIC President for life, Datuk Seri S Samy Vellu.

The comedian in this drama is surprisingly the spineless Dato’ S Subramaniam who didn’t have the balls to face up to Aiyoyo Samy all these years when he was the Deputy President and got curried by the Godfather, sidelined to oblivion and now scurrying back to kiss Samy’s ass in the hope that he might be the glue that can put the MIC back together?

No point lah Subra!

Whatever you do now has no more bearing on the defeated party?

The MIC’s credibility is long gone and the only party to represent the Malaysian Indians in the future will be that of the HINDRAF leadership who are now having the total support of the Indians community.

Lawyer M Manoharan who is still held under the ISA has been voted into power by the voters in Kota Alam Shah in the recent GE!

What does that tell you?

If any of the MIC fellas was in jail like the HINDRAF leaders, not a dog regardless of it’s breed would even want to wag it’s tail in support of the useless ones for the sheer fact that the MIC FAILED to take care of the Indians in Malaysia!!!

HINDRAF may come across as a rough and tough group of dissatisfied Malaysians but their cause has a strong solid base of support from marginalized Indians whom the MIC ignored and bullshitted to all these years.

The BN has been proven to be so corrupt that Malaysians have had enough of their tyranny and kicked them out of power in 5 northern states of the Malaysian peninsular.

The former Selangor State Government under Khir Toyo have been frantically destroying all their documents and files to stop any leak of their criminal deeds fully supported and protected by the equally corrupt Malaysian Police Force.

Dato S Subramaniam has no integrity to speak of in trying to make a comeback into the MIC political scene for he has no leadership qualities to speak of in the first place when he chose to back off from facing Aiyoyo Samy during his tenure in the party?

The Malaysian Indians must not be fooled any longer by these crooks in politics.

Go support those who are more worthy of you in the DAP-PKR-PAS Barisan Rakyat who have the people’s mandate to return true justice to Malaysia.

Long live Barisan Rakyat! To the MIC , just one advice for now.

Stop the drama! No one’s gonna believe in you anymore save maybe Aiyoyo Samy’s devout worshipers?

As far as S Subramaniam is concerned, please stay out of the Indians area. I don’t think you will be safe from some *’serruppu aadii‘ judging from the way your Mr.President was treated?

Better be safe than sorry! Hehehehehehe.

* ‘serruppu aadii’ means getting whacked by slippers which is the most insulting manner of castigating someone in the Indian and Asian cultures.

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