September 21, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

PDRM in cahoots when BN crooks shred official files and books !

When I read about the Malaysian Police cordoning off the State Secretariat Office complexes in all the 4 northern states that fell to the DAP-PKR-PAS alliance, I immediately sensed that this is the proof that the PDRM are not apolitical as claimed by Tan Sri Musa Hassan?

Such an act of preventing the winning alliance to have access to so called state secrets and the frantic manner by which so called classified documents are shredded by the civil servants as shown by the photos which I have here courtesy of Susan Loone tells us only one thing!

Evidence of wrong doing and proven acts of destroying evidences of corruption and other criminal breach of trusts by the previous state governments!

Why must such documents be destroyed and shredded if the BN has been running an honorable and clean government as what they have been claiming and bullshitting the Malaysian public all these years?

Only those who are rotten crooks will resort to burn their books so to speak!!!

The BN criminals may escape prosecution here on earth by destroying the evidences of their wrong doings but they will never be able to escape retribution in the Hereafter when they will be brought before Allah the Almighty with all these proof of their criminal breach of trusts of the Malaysian people.

As Muslims, we believe that each and every action of us, good or bad are being recorded by the Angels Raqib on our right recording our good deeds and Atid on our left who never misses any of our screwups on our left provided we repent within 6 hours and that deed is deleted IF we are really, really sincere and not making a drama out of it?

I ask the Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan, who is the son of an ulamak @ Ustaz Abu Hassaan Azahari if he is truly apolitical and honest as he claims before Allahu Ta’ala?

The way the PDRM act in cordoning off the State Secretariats from access by the newly elected government of the Barisan Rakyat shows that the Police of Malaysia are nothing but tools of the corrupt BN regime and are accomplices of the crooks in destroying evidence as shown by these photos!

If the Malaysian Police are truly apolitical and uphold true justice as what the IGP claims, the Malaysian people would not have suffered all these years due to the BN’s corrupt ways?

In my opinion, if Tan Sri Musa Hassan is truly sincere in wanting to clean up the police force, then by Allah he should order his men to stop the BN from destroying state files!

‘Berani kerana benar ; takut jika bersalah!’

I call upon Tan Sri Musa Hassan to stop these destroying of evidence of the former BN state governments misdeeds!

I sincerely hope that Tan Sri Musa Hassan and the entire Malaysian Police Force truly realize that they have to uphold true justice and be totally trustworthy of the people’s faith in them to merit having the kalimah of ‘Allah’ and Muhammad’ encrusted in their PDRM logo and crest?

Failure to stop this criminal acts only affirms my conclusion that he is just full of shit as Abdullah Badawi and Malaysians must vote out these criminals from office in the next GE!

I do hope that Tan Sri Musa Hassan proves me wrong and does what’s right?

Order his men to confiscate all such documents and arrest the criminals before they get to escape from justice!

Will Musa Hassan do it?

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