May 2, 2022


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Malaysians starting to free themselves from the BN’s apartheid regime!

Today marks a turning point in Malaysia’s history!

For the first time in 50 years of living under the BN regime, Malaysians from all walks of life have decided that it is high time to overlook our differences in ethnic origins and different faiths in deciding our common future?

The groundswell of the people’s grievances against the BN’s 50 over years of emotional blackmail by constant threat of the nation having to face another May 13th 1969 race riot has seen 5 states in the Malaysian Peninsular coming under the Barisan Rakyat Coalition’s rule!

PAS has successfully been returned to power in the State of Kelantan whilst the DAP and PKR have been voted into power in Penang, Perak and Selangor.

PAS has been entrusted by the Malaysian voters in Kedah to form the next State Government of Kedah, making history in our multi ethnic, multi faithed nation slapping the BN in the face for their arrogant high handed manner by which they had lorded over us all these while!!!

Malays,Chinese,Indians, Orang Asli’s, etc have all been tortured mentally, physically and spiritually by the BN!

Malaysians have been sentenced to suffering in silence all these years and brutally suppressed from effecting democratic change through the relentless curtailing of our basic rights of free speech!

We have seen our fellow Malaysians being divided by race and religion and continued to be forced to live under an undeclared apartheid system by the ruling BN Coalition since Independence in 1957!

We have been systematically sentenced to a life of living in a climate of fear and uncertainty by the UMNO led coalition of 14 parties which kowtowed to racial politics or undeclared apartheid policies of the Barisan Nasional since Independence from the British Colonial powers in 1957!

All my life I have wished for this day where Malaysians have finally awakened from their political coma and this has been proven for starters in the 5 states of Kelantan,Penang, Kedah, Perak and Selangor!

My hope is for all Malaysians in the remaining states of Malaysia to see what they can achieve by kicking out the recalcitrants of the BN who have been lambasting us and regarding us as common folks who do not know how to run this country?

Those who still remain deaf, dumb and blind to the obvious treachery being committed by the BN crooks and corrupted ones in power have only themselves to be blamed for choosing to remain as prisoners of the BN utopia?

In this BN utopia known as ‘Cemerlang, Gemilang, Terbilang’ bullshit that this incumbent incompetent excuse of a bloody prime minister, who arrogantly pooh pooh’s away any calls for him to do the right thing and disappear from the scene, the reality is that the BN leaders get to enjoy and freeload on the wealth of the nation whilst the common citizen goes to sleep hungry in the rural areas and concrete jungles of the cities?

The rich and wealthy amongst the BN ministers and cronies get fat on ill gotten gains and feeding on the people’s ignorance whilst the grassroot population amongst the general Malaysian people suffer and live in squalor, devoid of actual help from the ones they have elected into political power and trusted all these while?

Just like the tyrannical MIC President and Works Minister Samy Vellu who despite calls to him to quit with honor chose to remain and run for elections yesterday where the idiot was trounced and sent packing with his tail between his sorry ass legs in Sg Siput!

I say that the people in Kepala Batas must be either all related to the lame brain BN candidate there who masquerades as the leader of all us Malaysians when in reality the fellow can’t hold his own if called to engage with the octogenarian former PM, Tun Mahathir Mohamad at any debate or public forum anywhere in the country or even the whole wide world!

Kepala Batas folks! Shame on you for retaining the obviously most hated BN politician in all times here in Malaysia?

We hate the innovator for having introduced a bida’ah @ innovation into our sacred religion of Al-Islam and I for one condemn all the useless chaps who call or regard themselves as the ‘ulamaks’ here in Malaysia for their treacherous self centered betrayal of our trusts in them to safeguard the Aqeedah of the Muslims here in Malaysia!

You are those who will rot and burn in Hellfire for failing to speak up for true Islamic teachings and cowardly kowtowed to Abdullah Badawi’s accursed concept of ‘Islam Hadhari’!!!

Damn you all to Narr Al Jahannam!!!

To my fellow Malaysians who have shown us believers in justice and fair government to all, I salute you and pledge to you that Mahaguru58 will remain on this course to seeing that the BN will be kicked out from power in the next Malaysian General Elections!

We who are Malaysian bloggers will strive here with all that we can muster to see to it that true democracy gets to be practiced here in this land of ours!

A land where each and every Barisan Rakyat supporter will get to taste and experience the kind of life that Allah the Almighty wants us to experience before we return to His Mercy?

As for those who keep expecting the BN to take care of them, when the hell are you going to wake up and see the truth before you?

You chose to return to power those who have been proven to be the most corrupt alliance of crooks that this country has ever seen?

Shame on you!

To Abdullah Badawi,

Did you say that Anwar Ibrahim is irrelevant and that you have forgotten him???

Hahahahahahahaha!!! Slap yourself awake and look all around you as we prove it to you that a new dawn is here in Malaysia and the Malaysian people are going to finally show you to the exit door just as your Brother Aiyoyo Samy and others have been booted out from their office!!!

I am so happy to see morons like Zainuddin Maidin get the boot as well and also the other rotten ones in your miserable cabinet suffer the most humiliating defeat that you guys never even dreamed about in your crooked scoundrel lives?

Hidup Barisan Rakyat!!! Reformasi is here to stay and Pak Lalalalalala better get ready to go away for good!!!!

Let the parties begin!! Go Samy go go! Go Samy go go go ! Go Samy for good!

Err Aiyoyo Samy! You forgot to take your brother Pak Lah lalalalala along lah!!! Aiyaaa???

Never mind lah! We will kick his ass for you in the next GE! Promise!!!