May 14, 2022


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

BN is tasting the fruits of it’s arrogance today!

Selamat Pagi Malaysia! Good Morning Malaysia! Chao San Malaysia! Kalai Vanakam Malaysia!

What a great feeling it is indeed to witness history in the making of our glorious nation which is finally waking up to the realization of the Malaysian people coming out from a 50 year coma?

Yes, by that I am referring to the unthinkable reality that Malaysian voters have at last listened to their hearts and cast their votes to chart this multi-ethnic, multi-faithed country towards a new future?

A new future for the people in the States of Penang, Kedah, Perak and Selangor plus the only Malaysian Opposition run State of Kelantan since 1990 by PAS!

Job well done to the Barisan Rakyat Coalition parties of DAP, PKR and PAS for managing to prevail as the righteous election winners in the 5 peninsular states despite having to go through the tremendous awesome all encompassing gauntlet of the relentless nonstop propaganda campaigns by the BN through all their monopolized mainstream media channels such as:

  • all the major print media,
  • all the major broadcasting government owned and private satellite television channels,
  • all the major radio stations plus being fortified by
  • the entire government machinery such as
  • all the ministries, departments, police and intelligence forces, etc!

I salute the people in Malaysia for having the strength of purpose in wanting to see change here in this country despite the overwhelming odds against the common citizens and netizens like us Malaysian Bloggers!

We who have been called all kinds of derogatory names and insulting terms by so many of the BN’s irresponsible and corrupt cabinet ministers and even by the Son in Law of Abdullah Hj. Ahmad, the worst Malaysian Prime Minister in our nation’s history, so to speak?

The much hated Khairy Jamaludin, UMNO Youth’s Deputy Chief who had labelled Malaysian Bloggers as troublesome ‘monkeys’ despite his own self who behaved as such in the Ijok by elections?

I also applaud the willingness of the Malaysian voters in all these states to have the intelligence to overlook and not buy into the tremendous endless lies, fabrications and character assassinations of the Opposition Coalition leaders that the Ministry of Information especially by the Radio and Television of Malaysia under Zainuddin Maidin all these years since Abdullah Badawi was appointed as the successor to Mahathir Mohamad in 2001?

The BN is today tasting the fruits of it’s bloody arrogance by denying justice and fair governance to the majority of Malaysia’s citizens especially in the way they have marginalized the Non Malay ethnic Malaysian citizens and those who have supported PAS, the only Opposition party which has managed to rule over the State of Kelantan since capturing it in 1990!

It is just right that the BN gets a taste of the people’s power @ ‘Kuasa Rakyat’ today and start correcting themselves as they should have since obtaining the mandate to rule over this country since independence from the British in 1957?

Congratulations to the Malaysian voters for making us believe that there is still hope for this country by voting the People’s Front into power in the 5 states!

Terimakasih! Thank you! Xie Xie! Nandri!