May 5, 2022


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

BN’s Soldiers of Fortunes or Political Remora’s?

It is something that we all have anticipated or expected. The coming out of the BN’s ‘Soldiers of Fortunes‘ or as I see it @ ‘Political Remora’s to put it as clearly as possible.

I mean, if I read it correctly, we are now being assailed by a horde of those whom we can say are the ‘has been’s’ of Malaysian active politics or those who tried to reach the top of the heap of the BN’s political mountain but sort of found themselves slip sliding away to the crevasses and pit bottom of political la la land.

Yes, this is the reality.

Just look at the track records of those who are being highlighted in the mainstream BN propaganda bullshit media’s?

You have the likes of another former Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister Musa Hitam who is now dishing out some bull of his own against the chances of the other former Malaysian Deputy PM, Anwar Ibrahim in making it in the current Malaysian political arena?

Let’s do a recheck. What has Musa Hitam done for us Malaysians?

Among the notorious track record of his that I can recall is his ordering of the Malaysian Police Force to massacre the Kg.Memali Muslim villagers under the leadership of the Syuhada’s Allahyarham Ustaz Ibrahim Mahmud a.k.a. Ibrahim Libya on 19th November, 1985!

14 Muslim villagers perished in the assault and 4 policemen lost their lifes as well in the tragedy!

Musa Hitam was the Acting Malaysian Prime Minister and Home Minister who ordered the attack against the mainly PAS members in that small Malay village in Mukim Baling, Kedah.

Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir was away on a trip to China at that time.

Read here for the details of the attack. These are the recollections of the tragedy from PAS members from the village. For security reasons they opted out of revealing their identities back then.

So the man comes out now and speaks as if he is so squeaky clean and lambasts Anwar and the Opposition claiming that the Opposition will ruin the country if Malaysians choose to cast their votes for them on March the 8th, 2008?

Err…has the country been ever run by the Opposition even once to back such a claim?

I don’t think so!

Has Kelantan gone under since coming under PAS’s rule over the last 18 years?

I don’t think so!

Has any Non Muslim came out complaining that the PAS Islamists have caused them untold hardships by demolishing any of their temples or churches to begin with all the past 18 years?

I have yet to learn so!

So, what the hell is Musa Hitam warning us about?

He should just shut the hell up and let us vote whom ever we please!

Don’t you think so, too?

All these BN ‘Soldiers of Fortune’ speak as if you and me are country bumpkins who don’t know nuts about how to run our lives?

The way these political ‘over the hill fellas’ speak just makes us want to puke in utter revulsion listening to their blinkered narrow minded political dogma swill that is churning up non stop from their expired mindsets!

Sometimes I wonder how the Malaysians of the past ever got so hoodwinked into electing these folks into office in the first place?

Sorry to say, back then, Malaysians did not have the internet!

If they did, history would have been pretty different for us all, don’t you agree?

Well, the past is just that and we ought to know better now today!

You say that Anwar and the Opposition are all crap?

Then what the hell is the BN’s 50 years of tyranny then? Has life been a bed of roses for us?

Hello!!! If we put the records of each and every BN politician and compare it with the likes of the Malaysian Opposition leaders, which side do you think is going to score more on the corruption cases?

Picture courtesy of

Has Tuan Guru Nik Aziz of PAS , Kelantan Menteri Besar ever been hauled up into court under any criminal or corruption charges, ever?

The humble lifestyle of Kelantan’s Menteri Besar Tuan Guru Datuk Hj.Nik Abdul Aziz bin Nik Mat. Do any of the BN’s leaders practice such a frugal life? Dream on!

Picture courtesy of

Has Tuan Guru Haji Hadi Awang, the PAS President ever been caught stealing money from the State Government of Terengganu which he once headed as their Menteri Besar?

Just be true gentlemen ( which they obviously are not) and compare the track records of the BN and the BR and see who stinks worse?

I mean, we all know that these ‘political assassins of the truth’ are being drawn in now at the last minutes of this 12th General Elections campaign period to assassinate the Opposition leaders good name and reputation!

Which for the first time in the last 50 years is seeing the greatest groundswell of support from the majority of Malaysian citizens who have finally wised up to the 5 decades of BN buffoonery and are so fed up with years and years of political dictatorship of the BN, that they are now resolved to elect the Opposition into office and try them out for the next 5 years!

Chandra Muzaffar‘s turning into Anwar Ibrahim’s arch nemesis at this very moment only exposes the ‘Brutus’ in him and destroys any credibility that the ‘political scientist’ is coughing up care of the BN today?

Am I right if I was to conclude that people like Chandra Muzaffar are nothing but political remora’s who after sucking the living juices out of it’s PKR parental host decides to go swim away and latch on to the BN’s big fat butt and try it’s luck there?

I am no political scientist but hello it’s just so bloody clear that people in this category are nothing but ‘political minds for hire‘ and given the right terms and conditions will say just about anything to get their way?

Isn’t that what Nicolo Machiavelli taught in his political science book ‘The Prince‘ that ‘ the end justifies the means!‘?

This man joined the very PKR party which was formed to fight for Anwar’s release from incarceration due to the trumped up charges against him as part of a major political conspiracy against the former Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister who went against the dictates and wishes of his mentor back then, the legendary iron fisted dictator Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad!

Bad blood between the mentor and his protege saw the latter sacked from his DPM office, Finance Ministership, all government related positions and UMNO membership!

Sacked so unceremoniously, hounded by the Special Branch and Special Action Unit.

Arrested before his entire family, friends and supporters like a dangerous criminal.

Had his home broken into although the doors were well wide open?

Bundled off into the dark of the night, handcuffed and blindfolded.

Thrown into a cell and then viciously punched up black and blue by the then Inspector General of the Police, Rahim Noor!

Stripped naked, abused and humiliated.

Suffered injuries that had him nearly paralyzed.

Attempted arsenic poisoning.

Accused and charged falsely of being a sodomite. The man is happily married and a father to several children for God’s sake!

Anwar’s picture courtesy of

I can keep going on but I know that it is pointless as it is all there in the internet archives and one has just to type Anwar Ibrahim into your pc’s search engine and voila…you can just access and read thousands and thousands of the news reports, articles, etc about the injustice perpetrated upon this most unfortunate Malaysian politician for all time!

Do these faultfinders ever think for a second as to their own selfs as to whether they are sin free and exemplary contributers to the lives of each and every Malaysian out there today?

I don’t think so!

No matter what these BN Soldiers of Fortune and political has beens have to say about the Opposition ; I for one am asking all you rational minded Malaysians to consider our situations today under 50 years of the BN’s dictatorial rule?

Imam of Islam Hadhari. Lapping it up in living a lifestyle of the rich and bloody infamous. Picture courtesy of John W. Ishii.

Do you see our lives getting better under the Abdullah Badawi administration or can you wake up to the reality that your lives are just gonna get so much more stressed out due to the threat of rising fuel prices and all other unnecessary financial burdens coming our way under the ‘Cemerlang, Gemilang, Terbilang, Temberang‘ brigade?

Be wise and disregard these BN political pundits and change the nation’s future by voting for the Opposition!

At the end of the day, the way I see it; if they fail to show us progress and a more affordable lifestyle without increased prices of all our basic needs, we have the option of trying out the Opposition at that time!

Don’t we?

Wise up Malaysia and do what’s right! Vote for Change!

Malaysians Boleh!