September 22, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Malaysians should try out the Opposition for 5 years!

I am sure that each and everyone of us have been hearing about Najib asking the people of Kelantan to try out the BN for 5 years and if things don’t improve by then, to kick them out in the next GE?

Now, to folks like me, I somewhat am feeling the pinch due to the shrinking buying power of each and every ringgit that I fork out to buy most items that I need to survive day by day?

A tank of petrol a couple of years back used to cost just about RM50 to RM60 for an average sedan like the Proton Wira 1.5.

Today RM50 fills up just over half a tank!

Imagine if these BN chaps decide to increase the price of petrol after winning the GE by let’s say another 10 or 20 sens per litre?

Now, where are we going to get those extra bucks to make ends meet?

It’s ridiculous for the BN Govt to keep squeezing each and every ringgit out from the citizens under the claim of rising oil prices worldwide and instead of easing our financial stress by sharing the wealth coming from Petronas profits which amounts to hundreds of billions of ringgits, the powers that be under the BN have been happily loading it up on to our heads?

So Anwar and the Opposition are saying that if Malaysians vote them into power, the very next day, oil prices throughout the nation will be reduced overnight!

Now, who would want to oppose that?

Which sane Malaysian would say no to paying less for his or her fuel needs?

Who would say no to better purchasing power for their ringgits?

So, if the BN can come and ask the Kelantanese to try them out for 5 years, I say why not we try out the Opposition for 5 years and see if they can do us any good?

I mean, things are getting more expensive under the BN’s 50 years rule over us and the disparity between the lording ones and the common average Malaysian citizen is getting wider and wider by each term that we keep voting them back in?

Let me ask you if these BN fellas are faultless?

You and me know very well that there are so many cases of corruption and abuse that has been hushed up by the judiciary here in Malaysia that at times citizens like us just can’t believe that those who were caught red handed can somehow be let go because of insufficient evidence, bla bla bla?

The only ones who get plastered are the small fry whilst the ferocious sharks swim away unscathed and get to retain all their ill gotten gains and even fancy bloody titles to boot?

Used to be a time when the title of Datuk, Dato’, Tan Sri, etc used to be respected by the people and such titles were awarded to those who have in one way or another contributed to the nation and Malaysians by way of exemplary selfless services, etc.

Nowadays, crooks and shysters get awarded such titles and honorifics under shady circumstances. The absurdity of it all is that these ‘slim shadies’ continue to strut around like bloody untouchable peacocks and the wealth that they have illegally amassed is left undisturbed.

So dear Malaysians, how about a change of government?

If the Malaysian Opposition can make our lives a bit better, why not take up the call by Najib for the Kelantanese to try out not the BN for the next 5 years but rather try the Opposition to rule over the nation for the next term of office?

I sure as hell see no reason why we should not?

As far as Chandra Muzaffar badmouthing Anwar and saying Anwar does not merit being the PM of this nation, who the hell is Chandra to decide for the nation what we should do and should not?

Since when has this man ever done anything for us except to yak yakkety yak about this and that forgetting for a bloody moment that hello … the fella did join the very ‘lousy useless crook’ that he is saying Anwar is and was with PKR for a while?

Talk about someone who is pissed off with the PKR for not kowtowing to his dreams and wishes and now making personal attacks against the former Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister whom we all know was sacked, assaulted, humiliated to the extent that no other Malaysian leader had ever been through and then thrown into prison under trumped up charges?

For all we know the mysteries and allegations surrounding Anwar’s case are still being debated and discussed by those who are in the legal profession?

Realities before us shows that the very persons who are accusing Anwar about this and that aren’t exactly that squeaky clean themselves and have plenty of skeletons in their own wardrobes so to speak?

Think tanks and political scientists are always coming up with so many theories and assumptions about all other persons but themselves?

What did these fellas ever achieve in reducing the hardships suffered by the people?

All talk and no solutions for the average Malaysians spells nothing for me coming from the likes of Chandra Muzaffar?

I mean if the man is really that concerned about protecting the nation from ‘crooks’ like Anwar, what the hell has he done or achieved to reduce corrupt leaders in the BN from screwing the nation during Abdullah Badawi’s watch?

I don’t recall hearing even a squeak from such folks?

Did any of you?

All these faultfinding somehow seems to come only during these crucial times when we are about to cast our votes and decide our fate together on March the 8th, 2008?

Why did Chandra not make any noise before this when he was so happy to sit besides Wan Azizah and commandeer the PKR?

Why now and not back then?

I have a funny feeling about all these and the way that bloody banner turns up at Tasek Gelugor and Telok Ayer Tawar?

Something’s just not right and as we know the propaganda machines are in full swing over at RTM and all the other kowtowing tv channels!

If this ain’t a dirty campaign by the BN, I don’t know what is?

I for one feel that we ought to go with our heart and chart our future together in unity of purpose which is to live a better more affordable life with our loved ones and not fall prey to another term of bullshit spewing bla bla bla b’leadership of the clueless eunuchs lording over us?

What do you folks think?

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