September 22, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

MB of Kelantan TG Nik Aziz and Kelantan Today Video

Dear Malaysians,

BN keeps saying that Kelantan is backward and suffering under PAS? Okay, let’s see why Kelantan is sought after by BN from this videoclip?

Seems that there is abundant oil and gas in the State of Kelantan that has yet to be explored?

No wonder that the BN is going all out to dominate this ‘poor’ state?

Looks like Abdullah Badawi and his gang are out to tap into this trillion dollar black gold just waiting to be tapped into and add to their coffers?

Check it out!

Now we all know better!

Check out this 100 facts about Kelantan that open up the reasons why PAS has managed to bring a good Islamic government to the people of Kelantan and also to the rest of Malaysia in general?

As the current caretaker BN Government of Malaysia under the self proclaimed Imam of Islam Hadhari selfishly monopolizes the national television broadcasting stations from sharing any news or views of the Opposition parties such as PAS, the Islamic Party of Malaysia from getting any equal airtime as what the BN takes unfair advantage during this 12th Malaysian General Elections, Mahaguru58 hereby wants to share with you how the Opposition party’s top leaders live their lives?

You will be surprised to see the Chief Minister of the State of Kelantan whom even I take to task at times for his verbal jibes against UMNO, be so frugal in living a life that one can only shake one’s head in disbelief?

My sincere apologies Tuan Guru for having been cross at you! Maafkan hamba.

I know that you have your own reasons in calling UMNO leaders as ‘orang utans’ but still think that you are way too educated in Islamic theology to have to resort to such name callings?

Whatever it is, it’s all past now and we should just move on.

Dear Malaysians , watch these clips and reflect on how opposite the lifestyles of the BN leaders are in Putrajaya and KL, where they revel in luxury and opulence without giving a hoot as to where the money to support such an extravagant life comes from and compare it to the life of this humble human being who is the Menteri Besar of Kelantan Darul Naim?

Listen to this Dikir Barat rendition by the Kelantanese who point out the different stages of Abdullah Badawi’s persona before and after he became the PM and acts insolently towards Tun Dr.Mahathir nowadays in total ungratefulness forgetting the unrepayable deed of Dr.M towards appointing him over Najib?

Hope all Malaysians will see both sides of the situation before casting your votes to choose the next Malaysian Government.

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