May 4, 2022


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Youth for Change Socks it to the ‘Pemerintah’!

I applaud the genius of our Malaysian Youth for their brilliant jibes against the ones who have been belittling the intelligence of the current Malaysian public and think that the Malaysians of today can still be fooled into rubber stamping them for another term of robbing the nation blind while they lord it up over us by freeloading at the palatial homes in Putrajaya!

The way these videos have been produced by our brilliant youths of Malaysia hark the herald of a new Malaysia where the people will be respected by the ruling government and not the other way around?

What a cowardly way for the BN to monopolize the airwaves and shove only their campaign clips to us whilst the Opposition have to rely on their own initiatives and try to show their side of the campaign through video clips such as these here, on the internet?

Totally unfair and a most despicable ‘super louyaa pondan‘ way of carrying out a lopsided election campaign whilst claiming to be the people’s champion???

Even a Lorong Haji Taib pondan might have more balls than the present way the BN is abusing the national television channels to shove down the throats of the Malaysian public ONLY their side of the story!!!

It makes me feel so embarrassed and ashamed to see my country be ruled by ball less ones who put up the worst kind of show in being righteous in this election!

Is this the kind of crooked teachings that the Imam Hadhari is championing?

Where does it say in the true Islamic teachings of our blessed Holy Prophet of Almighty Allah, Rahmatulil Alamin, Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam that you can do all these injustices to your political opponents in an election by denying them equal airtime to show the general Malaysian people their side of the story?

Where is the pride and honor of doing that?

No wonder Abdullah Badawi and gang get bashed without fail in the alternative websites and get plastered every now and then in Malaysiakini for denying us the Malaysian people the freedom to get information as it really is and not having to stomach the revolting lies and bullshit that the mainstream cuckolded so called media dishes out to us through the tv channels, print media and even the God damned radio stations???

Give us a bloody break, will ya? Sheeeeshhh!!!! It’s 2008 for God’s sake!

We aren’t living in the days of ‘Wayang Pacak’ anymore where we would have to listen to the propaganda in the interval break where you would have the Jabatan Penerangan fellows yak yakkety yak about this and that policy in order to keep the masses brainwashed to oblivion!

Enough propaganda bullshit! We aren’t that gullible anymore, are we?

If the BN is really spotlessly clean, surely there won’t be that many piled up cases of corruption for the befuddled Anti Corruption Agency to try and solve?

The records speak for themselves where there are so many cases of files gone missing, hush up here, hush up there and lots of greasing and lubrication taking place here in Bolehland that would make any motor mechanic beam with pride!

Hehehehehe…trying to cover up an elephant carcass with a banana stalk? Forget it!!! 😀

Congratulations to the Malaysian Youth for Change who have produced these enlightening video clips for all to reflect upon?

We salute your sincere initiative to awaken the sleeping general public here in Malaysia!