December 9, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Obamania compared to the ‘We love Pak Lah’ campaign!

American Democrat Senator Barack Hussein Obama stands ready to trounce Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton based on his ever growing popular support from the multi-ethnic, multi-faithed Americans whose national politics are divided into just two camps; Democrats or Republicans?

On the other hand the scenario doesn’t look that promising for Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who heads the Barisan Nasional, a coalition of race based political parties that effectively practice a divide and rule policy over Malaysia, an equally multi-ethnic, multi-faithed country of just a fraction of America’s 256 over million citizens.

Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is the most ridiculed Malaysian Prime Minister to date due to the very fact that there exists in Malaysia, an ongoing campaign of forced ‘We love Pak Lah‘ campaigns by his spinmasters in the Ministry of Information or rather the Ministry of Propaganda as we rational minded Malaysians consider it to be!

Two stark differences between Barack Obama and Abdullah Badawi.

The former stands supreme today over his fellow Democrat Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton in the race to being nominated as the Democrat Party of America’s Presidential candidate whilst the latter stands shamelessly as the ruling BN coalition’s Prime Ministerial candidate for the sheer reason that he who claims to be the bastion of freedom and fair play according to his own twisted logic but in reality is so lopsided as far as justice is concerned?

Justice in the Malaysian 12th General Elections is just an exercise in playing dirty where the broadcasting television stations are only showing the tv watching public political campaign ads of the BN whilst the Opposition are not given even a spot on radio?

As I have stated before ; it’s just tease! Don’t even go to speaking about there being fair play in this 12th Malaysian General Elections campaigns?

Fair play? Yeah right!!!

It is so unbecoming of the self proclaimed Imam Hadhari of the Barisan Nasional ruling government of Malaysia to keep prohibiting the tv stations from giving airtime to the Malaysian Opposition candidates some space to tell their side of their political stories and what they stand for as sharing with the Malaysian voters about their election manifestos?

So to me, Obamania stands legitimate as a viable Presidential Elections campaign over there in America whilst his fellow Democrat and Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, America’s former First Lady steps up her attacks against Obama shamelessly using race based and personal attacks at the first Afro American Senator to ever come this close to the most coveted political seat of power in the USA and automatically be the most powerful being on Earth!

Can’t say the same about our caretaker PM here, Abdullah Badawi who remains obstinate in remaining in power here in Bolehland despite the very obvious groundswell of hatred towards his hee hawing policies in Malaysia.

Former Malaysian Premier Mahathir Mohamad turned Abdullah Badawi’s arch enemy and political nemesis despite the former being responsible for anointing Abdullah Badawi to be his successor in UMNO, the ruling coalition’s leading Malay based national party.

In the video above Mahathir rightfully lambasts Abdullah Badawi’s ‘Islam Hadhari’ innovation.

He condemns Abdullah Badawi unreservedly in world forums and yet asks the people to support UMNO. Confusing isn’t it?

Abdullah Badawi heads UMNO now and UMNO members are programmed to obey the President come what may?

They have no options but to follow and obey the UMNO leadership failing which they will lose out in hard earned party positions and with that their political fortunes and avenues to make a living.

Mahathir and Abdullah! Masa’alah!

Is it kind of a love hate relationship between these two? Can’t really say!

On one hand Mahathir says that he is all for Malaysians to support UMNO but not it’s corrupt leaders?

What is he saying? How do the people support UMNO when it is the leaders themselves who are being accused of corruption in the first place?

He accuses Abdullah Badawi of going back on the latter’s promise to him in being the PM for just one term!

Only Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala knows what transpired between them when Abdullah Badawi met his predecessor at the former Premier’s residence at the Mines Resort?

How do you support UMNO but not it’s leaders?

UMNO has the very symbols of those who are accused of corruption in the first place and for the people not to rally behind the President, Deputy President, Vice Presidents, Supreme Council members, etcetera!

Mahathir no longer has the clout to dictate to those in UMNO as to whom to support and whom to overthrow so his call here sort of falls short and is sure bound to fail in it’s objective.

The Malaysian UMNO grassroots aren’t up to it to be able to decipher what Mahathir is calling them to do and as usual they will end up rooting for the current leadership even if it becomes so obvious that these are the major corrupt sharks being mentioned by Mahathir that continue to escape the BPR @ ACA dragnet!

Easier said than done Tun! You have caused UMNO to be stuck with the Imam Hadhari. You failed to stick an expiry note to his butt.

UMNO members can’t do nothing except wait for the Angel of Death to come a visiting?

Till then, it’s pure hyperbole all the way. Pak Lah is a stubborn barnacle that even Najib Tun Razak hasn’t the balls to scrape off UMNO’s hull.

We have all seen his sucking up to Pak Lah and keeps stooping to kiss his ‘Imam Hadhari’s hands everytime the press are around so as to ensure his vulnerable position doesn’t go Anwar’s way?

Pretty sickening, don’t you say?

It’s pure apple polishing at work. They must have been giving out PhD’s in sucking up in Malaysian School of Politics, eh? Najib’s sure a first class candidate for that category!

Want to have a look at another sample of how screwed up Islam Hadhari is?

Check out how a former MP from UMNO and champion of Islam Hadhari, Dr Mashitah insults the Hudud Laws of Almighty Allah by making fun of the Almighty’s Commandments here in this clip?

Zainuddin Maidin is next in line for such first class sucking up! So are most of the rest of them UMNO b’leaders. Hehehehehehe…:P those who have yet to figure out what ‘b’leaders‘ mean? It’s bloody leaders! 😀

Back to my comparing Obamania and ‘We love Pak Lah’ campaigns.

The first is a genuine groundswell of popular public support by the American public towards America’s first ever Afro-American Presidential candidate whilst the latter is just a government run campaign that lacks any reality of the Malaysian public coming together to support a lackluster Premier who is more smoke than fire?

A product of the Malaysian Minister of Information who has been churning out declarations after declarations of love towards a premier who stands as a potential candidate to hold the Malaysian Book of Records in the category of being the most ridiculed Malaysian PM for all time?

The Malaysian people no longer can be considered to be the gullible ones of yesteryears because we have access to the internet and get to learn about the latest happenings throughout the nation care of alternative websites such as Malaysiakini, the nation’s # 1 source of reliable news compared to others online as far as viewpoints and opinions direct from the Malaysian people are concerned?

This is the reason why I applaud Malaysians who are starting to write their own blogs and come up with fresh new perspectives as what they think and have to say about the way this nation is being run and expose the wrongdoers to the whole wide world as to their deeds or misdeeds?

Obamania is sure going to propel Barack Obama to be the first US Black President. Something which I did not believe will ever happen within my lifetime and had once stated so to a fellow Blogger in one of my blog exchanges.

Abdullah Badawi may be the PM again in this elections but he sure will not be the desired Premier in the same category as the previous PM @ Tun Mahathir Mohamad.

Let’s just see what takes place in both countries. Sure going to be very, very interesting!

I hope that the BN will play fair and allow the Opposition to speak to us through TV and get to hear what they have to say instead of just catching up on the latest news and views through online video systems such as, You Tube, Google Video and personal blogs such as mine where when possible I shoot my own videos of political candidates and publish them here care of You Tube or Google Videos!

Let’s have a clean and fair election which at the moment seems a tad too dirty and favoring the BN by way of their total monopoly of the airwaves and relentless campaigning using all the available mainstream medias.

Such a win if they manage to pull it off again will be considered as an election won through fraudulent measures such as what I have stated above?

Not gentlemanly at all!

Does the BN still have the shivers to face the Opposition on a level basis?

From the way things are at the moment, it sure as hell looks that way!

Am I right?

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