May 2, 2022


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Malaysians need to learn to read between the lines.

I am referring of course to the said confession of our former Premier Dr.Mahathir Mohamad who is being misunderstood to have said he’s sorry for screwing up Parti Keadilan Rakyat’s de facto Supreme Leader @ his former protege and Malaysian Deputy Premier under his watch, Anwar Ibrahim, the superstar of the Malaysian Opposition (loose) Coalition facing the BN juggernaut in the current 12th Malaysian General Elections campaign.

It amuses me to see so many who are clueless towards the seething note of sarcasm behind the said confessions of Mahathir Mohamad?

Why are Malaysians still struggling to see the truth behind the way Mahathir speaks?

Why must Malaysians still be so far behind in political awareness when so many of them are so excited to engage in the on going political circus?

Look at the proliferation of socio-political blogs mushrooming all over the Malaysian Blogosphere!

Check it out at

I for one am happy to see my fellow Malaysians come out with their heartfelt writings and voicing aloud their feelings through the internet. Good job Malaysian Bloggers!

Back to my topic.

Would we be mean if we say that such folks are clueless in being able to differentiate between an open sincere confession by one who is to this day, the Grandmaster of all Malaysian politicians from both the ruling BN coalition to the hodge podge assemble of the Malaysian Opposition camps?

C’mon people! Wisen up! The cat would grow horns before Mahathir bin Mohamad ever comes close to doing that?

Anwar is dead set in his mission to warm the PM’s seat in Putrajaya before he kicks the bucket, come what may? None can deny that aspect of his political struggle, can they?

He has been called many things and termed as a ‘political chameleon’ for his sheer grit in making his efforts bear fruit in the form of achieving the pinnacle of the Malaysian Political Dream of each and every Malay politician in this country!

He has been proven to be a politician who would even dance with the Devil if he needs to in order to achieve his lifelong ambition to be Malaysia’s Prime Minister?

Even if it means having to be cheek to cheek with Lim Kit Siang or snuggle up to the likes of Karpal Singh or make a deal with PAS supreme leaders like Tuan Guru Haji Hadi Awang or concur with Tuan Guru Nik Aziz Nik Mat!

Tun Mahathir would rather sock it to the people with such open sarcasm in the form of such confessions and get away with it because maybe he knows that not that many Malaysians have learned to interpret what he really means in the said video clip?

It’s hilarious!

Maybe there ought to be more open forums and political awareness sessions in this nation.

Right now there are lots of classes going on in

Only thing is, are Malaysians getting any smarter nowadays or are we still going to be stuck with a new set of primordial robbers and cut throats in a new edition of the Government of Malaysia albeit the same old ‘in your face‘ cabinet meanisters who will continue to insult the Malaysian people with ‘we know best‘ and ‘shut your mouth‘ recalcitrant attitudes?

Whatever it is, are Malaysians still going to be bullshitted to and kept being told that only the BN have the brains to rule over this land?

Easy for them to say that because here in Malaysia, justice is also known to be ‘just tease‘.

We sure are having a royal laugh with one of this nation’s kingmaker in the form of Senior Lawyer VK Lingam otherwise now famous for being the ‘King of the Bullshitters’ in the still on going Malaysian Judicial Royal Commission’s inquiry on ‘Fix a Judge’ campaign by the lying lawyer?

“Looks like me, sounds like me , but is it me?”

Hahahahahahahaha! That one liner is fast becoming the quote of a lifetime here in Bolehland!!!

That is surely going to be entered into the Malaysian Book of Records as one of the most original quips of ‘Shysterland’.

Don’t you agree?

Hehehehehehe…Malaysians sure are going through an unforgettable phase of learning politics from our ensemble of super interesting ‘phonyticians‘. Hehehehe…did I just coin that up?

Take the word ‘phony’ ..add it up to politicians ..and voila..we have ‘phonyticians. They sure merit such a term, don’t you think so?

Anyway, I sure am enjoying watching them putting up a gala performance of promising us the skies and the heavens which we all know is just nothing but pure baloney and meant to delude us all into believing that they will really, really stand up to their promises?

Imagine believing that Mahathir will ever confess to his plastering Anwar for whatever he is worth?

The confused ones among us Malaysians have lots to learn in reading between the lines and to really understand what the Grandmaster of Malaysian politics is really saying?

He’d sooner go to Yaum al Barzakh than own up to that! That’s what I think?

What about you? Do you really, really believe Mahathir confessed?

Hahahahaha! that would be the day!

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