September 23, 2023


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Datuk Aziz Jamaludin P119 Titiwangsa BN Candidate Interview

Mahaguru58 at Secret Recipe, KLCC yesterday.

Chow Kit Wet Market, Kuala Lumpur. Wednesday, Feb.27, 2008.

I was doing my marketing at the Chow Kit Wet Market this morning when the BN candidate for the area, P119 Titiwangsa Parliament seat, Datuk Aziz Jamaludin, the former Masjid Kg Baru Administrative Committee Chairman came campaigning.

Naturally, I flipped out our Nikon C200 Coolpix and went into interview mode so that you folks can have an idea of how it was during his visit to the market there?

It was not something I planned and just responded at the spur of the moment as any proactive Malaysian blogger would do?

Let it be known that I have no qualms in interviewing anybody be they from the BN, Opposition or even HINDRAF activists?

Every Malaysian who is worth interviewing will be accorded a spot here in my blog and if I get a good quality footage of the event, I might even upload it to Malaysiakini in response to their request to us their readers to contribute newsworthy video clips.

Bloggers being independent citizen journalists and publishers have a civic duty to share with our readers whatever we fell is newsworthy and by doing so do not necessarily have to be pro this party or that?

I for one am doing my part for the benefit of every reader of my blog, straight and simple.

Back to the interview.

This is the first time that I came to know of this BN candidate and being a Malaysian Blogger who is impartial when it comes to sharing news and views here in my blog, I just waited for him to come close and interviewed him.

Among his entourage was one of my blog readers @ Brother Zilan who recognized me and came to greet me before the BN candidate even came closer to the area where I was?

As a mark of respect to Brother Zilan, I conducted this interview and promised him to upload it to my blog here.

After the interview of the BN candidate, I conducted an interview of Brother Zilan and have him here speaking to you about the character and background of the BN P119 Titiwangsa candidate.

I also carried out an impromptu candid interview of the traders present there and got a lively trader who spoke her heart out and in an unrehearsed candid slip up spoke of replacing the BN candidate!!! Hahahahaha!

I immediately pounced upon her slip of her tongue and ribbed her about it! 😀

It was funny; spontaneous and had everyone around laughing out loud!!!:P

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Happy Elections Malaysia!

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