April 13, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

BN Sedia Gempur ..Sedia Merempit…Sedia Bunuh?

I feel sad to see this clip of a Malaysian citizen who is another of a long list of victims of the nation’s legion of menaces widely known as the ‘Mat Rempit’s’.

It is even more irritating to note that the ones who assaulted this poor man have yet to be arrested by the Royal Malaysian Police because they are associated with the ruling coalition party.

I can only pray that the perpetrators be punished by Allahu Ta’ala for almost killing this poor innocent man who is a victim of those animals in human form and deserve no pity when they die smashed across the road or get decapitated as many of such species get at times.

Malaysiakini ought to be applauded for posting this clip and alerting us to the type of menace that gets the BN government’s sponsorship and the ones who go all out to indoctrinate them into their midst.

We have money laundering amongst the Mafiosi in the West and here we have menace laundering in Bolehland.

What if the man had died? Tutup kes? Alaaa…..ini kes accident…bla..bla..bla…just as all other cases we have heard so far in this getting to be a nightmarish land of ours.

Whom are we to blame? KJ? Azeez of the Putera Division? Or their bloody parents for giving birth to such ruffians?

At this time, one can’t help but reflect on the words of the legendary character actor Ahmad Nesfu in P.Ramlee’s Seniman Bujang Lapok which are” Kecik kecik tak nak mampos! Sudah besar menyusahkan orang!!!” meaning ‘Wouldn’t it be better if you had died when you were young than to have grown up and become a menace to others?’

How very apt!

Sigh!!! This is the sorry state of affairs of our nation’s wayward youth who instead of being groomed to be model citizens and future leaders are being sponsored to become the nation’s future murderers!

Bravo BN! Sedia Gempur! Sedia Bertempur! Sedia Menggelupur?….when Malaikatul Maut comes a calling.

Remember that! No one is spared from tasting Death. Today you whack a helpless man senseless…to the stage that he was in danger of death from the beating that you gave him.

Won’t be long before Almighty Allah returns to you an equal retribution and you be the recipient of everyone’s curses upon learning about this horrible crime of yours!

Shame on you PDRM for practicing double standards! Where’s the justice Tan Sri Musa Hassan?

We the people so depend on you gentlemen in the Police Force!

If you don’t defend us the people from the likes of these menaces, then who else should we depend on or should we just take the law into our own hands and whack the life out of those terrors if we should ever get into the same spot?

May justice prevail in this country regardless as to who the culprits are?

Prove to us that there is still justice in Malaysia. Otherwise, I am sure that the millions of my fellow Malaysians will never ever trust anyone else in power.

Wallahi Wabillahi.

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