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Mandarin inadequacy costs Chia Kwang Chye Penang’s CMship?

Now this is something that really makes my day.

An excerpt from the Sun newspaper report below where one of the candidates for the Chief Minister’s seat Chia Kwang Chye laments the fact that his inadequate command of Mandarin might just cost him any chance of making it to Penang’s topmost political seat of power? Wonder if these news made it to Malaysiakini?

I lost out due to inadequate command of Mandarin’
PENANG (Feb 22, 2008): Gerakan secretary-general Datuk Seri Chia Kwang Chye says it was his inadequate command of Mandarin that caused him to lose the race for the post Penang Chief Minister.

Asked why he was retained at the federal level instead of being one of the candidates for the prized post and if he was surprised with the decision?

Chia said: I was told that my Mandarin is inadequate. I think the criteria was emphasised and publicised in the newspapers and now it looks like the criteria of being a good Mandarin speaker seems more and more important.

“It seems it has become important based on the issue being raised by the (Penang) Chinese Town Hall, that Mandarin speaking is a very important criterion.

This aspect has been raised over the past few weeks and so in this respect, I am not adequately qualified.”


The question of the very important aspect that one has to have in today’s world is the grasp of Mandarin. What kind of Mandarin? Well, you need to know that in the World of the Chinese, Putonghua is the highest standard of the learning of Mandarin.

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As you can see, Dato’ Ong Tee Keat whom I have admired and supported all these whiles for his laudable efforts to speak up for the Malaysian people both in Parliament and in his capacity as the incumbent MP for the Pandan constituency, has shown his mettle in his grasp of the Chinese culture.

Great job brother! May this 12th Malaysian GE 2008 see you re-elected to serve the people more!

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