December 2, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

BN is not going to have a landslide win for sure!

The BN Coalition are surely not gonna have a landslide win this time around in this 12th General Elections come March the 8th, 2008.

Why do I say so? Just go and read what the people are saying in alternative media sites such as Malaysiakini ? These are the real voices of Malaysians. Not edited pieces meant to apple polish any bloody government leader!

The chances of Abdullah Badawi pulling off another spectacular election win like in the past GE will be really quite an astounding achievement or truly questionable since the groundswell of Malaysians who are getting exasperated with the way our costs of living have been jacked up by the Cemerlang, Gemilang, Terbilang, Temberang brigade since 2001!

The BN Government all these years have been slowly but surely allowing the prices of basic commodities and fuel to rise slowly but surely even though Malaysia is a petroleum producing and exporting country!

All the wealth that is coming from this oil rich nation is sadly not being enjoyed by the very people of this country. Not really in the true sense.

There are still very, very poor Malaysians out there in the villages and rural areas of this country who go to bed without food.

There are still poor Malaysians who are reduced to eating shoots and snails out there in the far flung areas of this nation due to extreme poverty whilst caviar and champagne flows endlessly in posh five star establishments in the privileged circles of those who are the rich and powerful elite of this nation.

This video production that shows the true picture of what the average Ahmad, Ah Seng and Samy have to go through each day as we suffer a shrinking wallet due to the spiralling costs of trying to survive life under the government of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi & company, throughout Malaysia.

Maybe the BN leaders have yet to experience how it must be to have one’s stomach growling with hunger whilst going through a day without any food or income to support one’s family as many experience each day in the kampongs out there?

In this instance, what the Opposition are putting forth in their manifesto seems attractive for once.

I mean who in their right mind would want to look forward to a higher cost of living at the expense of megalomaniacs whose only election promise is to paint a future full of high rise buildings, infrastructure this and that but do not promise NOT to raise the prices of our daily needs in the near future after this election?

I for one am already pissed off looking at the way things are getting expensive by the day due to the way the ones we had ruling over us simply allowed this gradual price hike to take place without considering the tremendous toll it has taken on us, those who trusted them all these while!

It makes no difference to me as a citizen as to who rules this country as long as the government is fair to all and really, really practices good governance.

I don’t need no bullshitting PM tell me with his croaky voice that he has done all he can to alleviate the rakyat’s sufferings!

We don’t need empty promises of opportunistic politicians try and hoodwink us for another term of 5 more suffering years!

I mean, we have had endless lies told to us at the expense of our peace of mind. The nation is getting sicker by the day due to rising crime and the social and moral breakdown of our Malaysian society.

Sure, we may look more Islamic but in reality the sexual crimes and general rot taking place in this nation is really quite worrisome to me and the millions of other concerned Muslims and Non Muslims.

Malaysian Muslims today may look more ‘Muslim’ than our earlier generations but in actual fact the standard of observing Islamic principles today under this so called Islam Hadhari propagating administration is more of a sham and useless pretext of being ‘holier than thou’ in general.

Maksiat is spreading all over the nation under cover of religious observance by many Muslims who put up a fantastic show of being ‘alim’.

These alims in fact turn very,very zalim in prosecuting others when they themselves did nothing to stop the rot in the first place.

I am talking about those who preach about Islam Hadhari values day in and day out but neglect the very basis of Dakwah al Islamiyah and even if they attempt to do so impose uncalled for terms and conditions to those good intentioned ones amongst the Muslim ummah to call others towards observing and practicing true Islam.

The Islamic religious departments of this nation have hampered free speech of the Khatibs all over the country and impose their prepared texts for the Friday prayers which the Khatibs have to READ OUT to the congregation.

The prepared texts almost always contain no criticizing of the ‘Ulul Amri’ @ the Rulers thus turning the whole Friday prayers gathering as a government propaganda exercise.

This in turn has an effect of not tackling the real issues affecting the people of the surrounding mosques and we fail to nip social problems in the bud as a result.

Drug abuse, sexual promiscuity, incest, rape, molestations, etc. proliferate as a result of the society putting up a sham of looking Muslim, pretending to be Muslim, but in actual reality the true knowledge of Islam is almost zero in the hearts and minds of a pretentious Ummah.

Malaysia a model Islamic nation? Yeah right!

The BN under Abdullah Badawi have succeeded. Succeeded in destroying the basis of ‘ikhwanul muslimun’ by engaging in egoistic campaigns of trying to do one better than their fellow Muslims in the opposition party of PAS.

False pretences of being ‘good Muslims’ has in fact driven the wedge of enmity deep within the society. So deep in fact that heaven knows how much UMNO hates PAS and vice versa.

PAS leaders themselves aren’t that magnanimous in the real sense and both have a disease spreading like a virus in their hearts and minds.

The only way the nation can progress and move forward is if both parties make sincere efforts in bridging the very obvious gap and be truthful to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala and their fellow Muslims.

The alternative political coalition have different objectives and goals between them and if we are to really dig deep under their alliance, we are sure bound to find weak spots and links that might give way if push comes to shove but what other choices does the nation have?

The incumbent BN coalition is not exactly a sterling example of those who really care or give a shit about us so why should we just rubberstamp them to another 5 years to rob and loot the nation as they please?

Look back at the arrogant way we were brushed aside by those in power all these years?

Remember how the BN leaders snapped back at reporters when asked about whatever problems the public faced and how the Malaysians suffered due to the way their protests or demonstrations were brutally smashed down by the government forces?

The Malaysians irrespective of ethnic origins and faiths have all suffered in general whilst the privileged and titled enjoyed themselves at our expense.

I leave it to you my fellow Malaysians to do your own studies about all that has taken place in the past term and make up your minds as to whom you want to give your precious vote?

Even the government employees are hard pressed to make ends meet nowadays and many have to moonlight as this and that to make sure that their families have food on the table.

Poverty is not something that many love living in and the BN bullshitters have brought about a situation where many families implode from within due to financial problems!

The Opposition have yet to be tried out and I say why the hell not?

If they can pull off what they are promising, I say just do it! Let’s see what they are capable of?

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