April 13, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Samy Vellu & Khir Toyo get a taste of Makkal Sakthi!

It seems that Malaysian Indians have run out of patience with these two BN leaders who have been the root cause of their problems lately!

As you can see in this video clip that will never see the light of day in the main BN controlled RTM1, TV3 or NTV7 television stations, have been shared here with us by WTV8, the independent web based media.

We have to acknowledge that our Malaysian Indians have been subject to injustice by the BN Government for so long and right now, nothing can stop them from rising up to demand for the Malaysian Government to be fair to them.

HINDRAF may be a bit outrageous in their demands but then again the nation must come to terms that the Malaysian Indians are discriminated and marginalized in many areas.

Samy Vellu and Khir Toyo had it coming when they both got caught up in the sea of raging emotions of a people who have just had enough of being shortchanged in the BN Government’s rule of over 5 decades.

If they are not appeased by corrective actions by the Malaysian Government after this 12th General Election, I foresee more eruptions of public unrest and civil protests by the Malaysians of Indian origin.

I came across these videos produced by those who have no other avenues to express themselves except through the internet and by way of You Tube and also Google Video.

In a sense, the narrator is sharing with the viewers of the heartaches that the Malaysian Indians especially the grassroots have suffered all these while as a result of the MIC’s ignoring their plight and just painting a rosy picture when speaking to the press and media.

By the advent of the internet and by way of these videos, everyone can now watch the realities of life that the Malaysian Indians who were born here and worked for a menial pay live in abject poverty and live a miserable life all these years under Samy Vellu who has shortchanged them and bullshitted his way whilst being in power.

He is still seeking re-election in Sg.Siput; so is Khir Toyo and many others who have blood on their hands. Whose blood? Well, all those folks who have died in police custody, beaten to a pulp and have had their lives and limbs smashed when they had no choice but to gather in protest against injustice.

These videos are heart wrenching and makes me feel both ashamed and very sad to see this happening to our fellow Malaysians. We can’t call ourselves humans if we aren’t touched or affected by such scenes. Irrespective of our ethnicity or faith.

I confess to wiping away my tears seeing these videos. Malaysiakini ought to host them for all to see and reflect upon as to the reasons why our fellow Malaysians are so worked up?

This is our country and these are our fellow Malaysians. No one should have to suffer like these in this country which is the birthplace of all of us. We are all the sons and daughters of this land.

If our leaders are truly compassionate as they claim to be, please accept and acknowledge these violations against the people and do your best to stop these injustices and be fair to all.

Islam is the Way of Life that Allah the Most Compassionate, Most Merciful has revealed to us.

Being cruel to the poor and oppressed has no place in actual Islamic teachings. Be fair to all.

Even these Malaysian Hindus have their rights to be protected and given help to live their lives in a better condition than what they are caught in right now by the Malaysian Government.

Where else can they go? This is their country as well. We are all Malaysians and I am sure that we have the means to live and let live in this temporal world.

The Malaysian Indians ought to have a better more responsible leader. Change for the Indians is inevitable.

The situations that led to the HINDRAF uprising was just like an accumulation of the people’s dissatisfactions which swelled up over time and the result is all part of our nation’s history.

Abdullah Badawi if re-elected as the Malaysian Prime Minister must seriously change this sorry state of affairs or stand accused of irresponsible governance over the people and caused so many to suffer as a result of weak leadership in the hereafter before the Almighty!

I am sure that we can see to it that everyone gets a better future after this election. Failing which, the Malaysian Government will be held responsible if anarchy takes place due to their recalcitrant ways in not acknowledging the wrongs that have been taking place in this nation and hush hushed by the culprits concerned.

Samy Vellu must answer for his sins against his people. These videos are living proof of that.

May peace be upon Malaysians, no matter who you are? Ameen.

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