December 10, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Malaysian Comedy Court’s Election Video Gift!

You sure are gonna love these humorous video clips by our homegrown Comedy Court Royalty’s Allan Perera and Indi Nadarajah.

What fitting videos to ease up Malaysians rising blood pressures and temperatures during this obviously testing times!

Malaysiakini is sure rife with all the latest happenings and we sure thank you guys for keeping us updated as to who’s doing what?

Humor when applied appropriately surely becomes our much needed panacea after the rising nausea from looking at stubborn old dinosaurs who continue to roam the Malaysian Electoral pastures without the slightest concern about the brickbats and curses flying their way.

Must be the bloody thick hides accumulated over the decades of plastering their posteriors into the seats of power!

Jokes aside, the future of our country is not something to laugh about? Unless of course, we are okay with another term of rising prices, not to mention rising temperatures, emotions, protests, etc.

Those of us who know what the chaps everyone are pissed off with have done and are guilty of pulling a fast one on the nation, ought to know better than to keep voting them back into power!

Nevertheless, I sure hope that Malaysians have come to their senses in knowing to vote ONLY for fresh young bloods who can do their jobs instead of cock & bull spewers who have had it their way for so long at the expense of the general Malaysian public!

We do not need arrogant recalcitrants threatening the people in Parliament and insulting all Malaysians into thinking that without these numbskull’s, the nation will go under!

No one is indispensable! No one!

Do not waste your precious votes on all those who have bullshitted and lied their way to the top!

Remember, you have the power to decide where this nation is headed to?

Base your decisions on the candidates track records. It’s the individual who makes up the party and not the other way around.

Vote for change and kick out the dinosaurs. You know who they are?

No sleepyheads. No gender insulter’s. No has beens. No blabber mouth’s who threatens us.

May all Malaysians vote sensibly this time around!

In the meantime, listen to the video and ponder on the lyrics.

Humorous but it can be humerus! Get the drift?

Truth smashing to the bones!

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