April 13, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Are Malaysian Indians being systematically harrassed?

Picture of Brother Murali a.k.a. Gangeticus. He is a Yogi @ Yoga master , a 3D Internet Content Creator@ ‘Software Engineer’, Mathematician, Single Malaysian Blogger to boot. 😛 Source of photo.

This is in response to my friend and fellow Malaysian blogger Gangeticus with regard to several points and questions that he has written to me in his comment here about the current situation involving the problems being faced by Malaysian Indians and what he sees as an agenda by some ‘parties’ that are:

  • anti his religion,
  • going around destroying temples,
  • openly destroying the lives of his fellow adherents
  • openly lying about the Malaysian Indians @ HINDRAF “deeds”.

He further states that the hatred for his religion @ Hinduism is being cultivated early, through manipulation of the Malaysian school curriculum and the pure hatred spewed out by the teachers themselves.

He stated something about not seeing the DAP questioning that agenda of the ‘authorities’ but rather just carrying out some rhetoric and calling for debate about the matter if I am reading his words correctly?

He further stated that maybe he should be using ‘my method’ in combating those folks and asked me whether he was right?

Well, frankly speaking I am not attached to the authorities in any way and all his questions seem to be really those that maybe the Ministry of Internal Security and Home Affairs should be responding to?

Nevertheless, this is what I have to say on my part as a Malaysian Blogger and one who does keep track of all that’s taking place in our nation.

Let me attempt to share what I have to say about his allegations?

  1. ‘Malaysian Authorities’ being anti his religion @ Hinduism.

Now that is really something that sounds a bit preposterous. We all know that the Malaysian nation is a melting pot of various ethnicities and creeds and boasts of some of the grandest religious establishments to be found in this part of the world.

There are thousands of Hindu temples that are to be found all over our country and here in the State of Selangor just besides the MRR2 Highway is to be found the tallest Murugan statue in the world. Read the report here.
Now, if the Malaysian authorities are really having an agenda to deny or phase out Hinduism from this land, would they have allowed the world’s tallest statue of a Hindu deity to be erected in the first place?

It is clearly a mistake to say that there is a hidden agenda by certain parties here in Malaysia to deny freedom of worship especially to Malaysia’s Hindu citizens just based upon the enforcement acts of the various states local government in seeing to it that illegal temples aren’t allowed to remain in lands where such temples have been built without the land owners permission, state lands, and in lands where the standing land laws do not permit any more temples or other religious establishments to be built.

This is from my acquired knowledge of there being zoning regulations covering the matter of raising religious establishments which fall under the jurisdiction of the local authorities and where the rule of law stands supreme.

You can check for yourselves with the relevant land offices.

This is talking about just an example of the religious freedom allowed here in Malaysia, my country and that of my other 26 over million fellow citizens.

So, as a citizen of this glorious nation, I have to say that Brother Murali needs to acknowledge that his assumption of there being a hidden agenda by the Malaysian authorities to purge the land of Hindu temples is a bit far fetched. Sorry bro, can’t agree with you on that point.

I’d be ending up publishing lists after lists of Hindu temples and complexes that are found all over Malaysia that my other tasks at hand will never see completion. So please, write off that point! Really!

Not relevant! Just like what that ‘Hacks’ Judge was infamously so quoted in Anwar’s trial! 😀

Going around destroying temples.

Same answers as above. Not true.Only illegal temples are targetted for destruction and in most cases, alternative sites were offered by the state governments. Go ask Khir Toyo. The man has the answers for you.

Openly destroying the lives of his fellow adherents @ Hindus.

I think this needs to be answered by the beleagured Godfather of the Malaysian Indian Congress.

Samy Vellu the incumbent Don of the MIC. He knows best. For all I know the fella stands in danger of facing public spitting if he ever steps near any major Indian residential areas following the recent spate of heckling and harassments he has experienced from his fellow Malaysian Indians especially the Hindus.

Openly lying about the Malaysian Indians @ HINDRAF “deeds”.

Again, this concerns allegations from one citizen and too broad to be defined and answered. Perhaps the best person to answer this would be either the Inspector General of the Royal Malaysian Police or the Attorney General since this comes under their jurisdiction?

People can say all kinds of things and allege foul play against the authorities of almost each and every nation on Earth.

The question is ‘ Have we really got grounds to state so? Where’s your proof?’

At the end of the day, it is not what we say or state but rather we have really strong, solid evidence to back up our complaints with?

You can read in Malaysiakini and other media websites, a thousand and one complaints daily from bloggers and common citizens but as always, when push comes to shove, nothing materializes from all these reports except and if the relevant authorities really come in and help answer such complaints.

So dear Gangeticus, all I can say is that we need to focus. We need to focus on what’s right and what’s our priorities?

At the end of the day, each of us have our own obligations to settle and worrying our head off about things that aren’t in our control or that we can do something about it is only a bloody waste of our precious time and we really, really need to know that!

Let the ones with the means and the clout go do battle in court. You, me and all others have jobs to do and mouths to feed, etc.

Not happy with the present set up? Go vote for those whom you think might be able to do justice and satisfy everyone!

But then again, is there any guarantee that the ones clamoring for power from both sides are any better from the ones we all know screwed the nation as they pleased?

I surely hope that we do not end up with worse!

May peace be upon you bro and your project a success! Ameen.


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