May 4, 2022


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Sayonara Samy! Malaysia’s Indians need a new leader!

There is a saying that seems to escape Samy Vellu! ‘Enough is enough!’

This is what Malaysia’s long silent and suffering Indian grassroots are saying and they do say it to his face quite regularly now to the extent that if the Malaysian police and security personnel weren’t protecting him, Samy Vellu would have by now returned to the Creator if the enraged Indians have it their way!

We are looking at the emerging new group of Malaysian Indians whose political awareness and awakening can be curtailed no more!

HINDRAF is only the culmination of 50 over years of institutionalized marginalization that has been the curse of the Indian masses amongst our midst.

We have to acknowledge that the social, cultural, economic and academic needs of our fellow Malaysians from the Indian ethnicity have not been properly attended to and their fates changed by the rhetoric spewing Malaysian Indian Congress leaders.

No one would be that crazy to keep on going to the streets every now and then just to get themselves blasted by acid laced water cannons and be doused with teargas for fun!

The Malaysian Government can’t afford to keep sweeping this growing disenchantment of the burgeoning Indian masses under the carpet or floorboards of Putrajaya!

Even Mahathir knew when to call it quits but stubborn old Samy Vellu thinks he can still strong arm his way and beat down any challenges to his throne as the so called Malaysian Indians leader per se!

It would be best for Samy Vellu to retire with grace and with what little honor he still has left than to chance it all by remaining recalcitrant and refuse to give way to a fresh new leader!

The way I see the Malaysian Indians starting to react towards him, is only showing the smoking and smoldering plumes of the raging volcano of Indian’s dissatisfactions against the current BN Government’s denial of their unsettled problems!

HINDRAF came about as a result of those Indian lawyers reacting after seeing their people being abandoned and ignored by Samy Vellu and his kowtowed Malaysian Indian Congress!

Samy Vellu is a ruthless fellow who is on record to having terrorized anyone from amongst the MIC leadership who dared to go against him!

See what happened to his former deputy S. Subramaniam? The man was practically shoved out from office and even denied any chance of remaining in the party’s top leadership!

Those who remain are the ones who groveled at his feet and sought his blessings.

It is absurd to see something that is often played out in Tamil films to be realized here in modern day Malaysia.

The Malaysian Indian Congress need to be liberated from the clutches of the Godfather!

I am sure that there are young bloods in the MIC who can and will help out their people amongst the various citizens of Malaysia if given the freedom and opportunity to do so.

One can only eat so much, attain wealth that much before throwing up as a result and if one is really a true blue leader of the people as what one preaches, then one must share whatever that one can with one’s community!

The problem with the MIC leadership is that Samy Vellu sanctioned no one from going against his wishes and he allowed none of his dissenters to remain in office and rules with an iron fist over the congress.

HINDRAF’s leaders went about it in a way that saw them putting the Indians at risk and they have paid the price themselves by ending up in detention under the ISA.

That does not solve the problems faced by the Indians and they are sure getting pissed off at Samy Vellu!

The decent thing to do would be for Samy Vellu to say ‘Sayonara’ or face the Malaysian Indians juggernaut which is building up strength and getting ready for a do or die showdown against the nation’s security apparatus!

Is Samy Vellu willing to see the Indians die on our nation’s streets and refuse to step down out of listening to his bloated ego or is he going to release the pressure building up in our nation’s Indian ethnicities who are being forced to go the confrontational way?

Malaysiakini reports that the Malaysian Indians have had enough of Samy Vellu and from my outlook on this, they are out to whack some senses into the Don anytime soon!

C’mon Samy Vellu! Do the nation a favor and let the people decide as to whom they want as their new MIC leader?

‘Makkal Sakthi’ is not a cinema script sir and you really, really need to listen to the voice of the Malaysian Indians or risk the disastrous fate of being spat upon by your own people who are getting enraged by the day!

I for one hope that the Malaysian Government really see to it that their grouses are addressed to and they be given their equal and fair share of the opportunities available in our country!

I am not saying that the Malaysian Government must kowtow to each and every of their demands but to see which areas and issues that can be solved and given priority by the relevant government ministries and agencies.

The Indians are part and parcel of Malaysia and we really must not act as if they are not here amongst us.

Remember when we had all three major races live in relative peace with one another back in the early days of this nation?

I remember seeing public notices with all four languages properly printed and published so that everyone can understand such notices!

They were in Bahasa Melayu, English, Mandarin and Tamil!

That’s what we are. Malaysians. Today, we see none of that anymore. That is one major screw up of our government phasing out the different identities of our people.

Why must we be ashamed of our various communities? We should be proud of the fact that here in Malaysia, we can be so different from one another yet if we want to be united as a people, each truly unique and special yet be able to live our lives according to our faith and own social and traditional cultures and values.

It saddens my heart to see our fellow citizens from the various ethnicities be denied their place in the makeup of our great multi ethnic, multi faithed nation.

They too are the Children of Adam and although they are non believers in Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala , do deserve to be helped live a decent life as true born Malaysian citizens.

We have to stop treating our fellow citizens as undesirables and accord to them their rightful places here amongst all other Malaysians.

There are certain limits and boundaries I know but if really given thought to and administered properly as what our forefathers did, Malaysia stands to gain from a better united and satisfied populace and we don’t have to worry so much about protests and this and that for happy people don’t go demonstrating for no rhyme or reason!

A truly Islamic principled Malaysian government would see to it that fairness and equality is not only be preached about and trumpeted over the nation’s media every now and then but be seen to be put to practice as per what Rasul Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam has enjoined us.

Abdullah Badawi must advice the Senior Minister to retire with honor and let the Indians choose their preferred leader or risk bloodshed in the roads and streets of our nation.

Not that you need to feel pressured or what but this is the right thing to do. The decision by both men will decide where we go from here?

I for one hope that everyone will take into consideration the consequences of allowing the growing problems being faced and raised by the Indians of Malaysia culminate into a state of disorder and chaos because those who are no longer wanted by the masses choose to ignore the warning signs and instead remain obstinate in the face of growing mass dissent!

Any honorable leader would know when to call it a day and slowly but surely just step away and let others take their place.

Failure to do so will just see the person go down in history with the wrong kind of records that surely one who professes to be the people’s choice would not ever want to have it attributed to his name!