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Malaysian Elections 2008 – Bloggers do have a say!

The buildup to our General Elections 2008 here in Malaysia is witnessing the emergence of the Malaysian Blogosphere as an influencing platform for the people to exchange views and opinions on a wider scale compared to the past GE in 2004.

Back then, Abdullah Badawi came across as Mr.Goody Two Shoes and Malaysians gave him a landslide victory beating all other past Prime Ministers of the Barisan Nasional as far as the number of seats won in an election, taking back Terengganu from PAS and narrowly losing Kelantan by just one state seat.

This time around Abdullah Badawi will realize that his 2004 victory was just a flash in the pan and that Malaysians have now sort of awakened from their stupor in thinking that Mr.Nice Guy would be a much better leader than Mahathir.

Mahathir is infamous for being an iron fisted PM but still he brought Malaysia out to be what it is today!

Although there is a bit more freedom in expression through the advent of the Blogosphere, there hasn’t been much change in the way the BN Government under Abdullah Badawi treats any shows of public dissent.

It seems that Mr.Abdullah Badawi is not that nice in the real sense. The smiling facade belies the fact that the Malaysian security forces during his rule aren’t any different from what they were during Mahathir’s watch!

I am not really gung ho about the holding of street protests by the Opposition parties and their associates in the various NGO’s but sometimes the ruling government ought to be kept on their toes by such demonstrations just so that the people who feel strongly about certain issues and problems are given room to express their dissatisfactions to the authorities by way of organized and civilized shows of protest.

The problems however in allowing such protests is that most people just do not conduct themselves accordingly when on the streets.

We see some of them even resort to endangering their children by bringing along their young children as a measure to stop the Malaysian Police or Federal Reserve Units from taking action against them!

The reality is that these people are irresponsible by putting to danger the lives and persons of their innocent children just to further their political agendas. Damn stupid of such folks I must say! Protest if you must but leave the children alone!

Whether you call it a rose protest or whatever, the reality is that you risk having your children suffer the consequences of taking part in an illegal assembly and if they get harmed in the process, it is none other but that useless parent who is to be blamed and ought to be taken to task for such a criminal act! Children must be kept out of the political circus! Period!!!

If the people are feeling so strongly about anything, there are other avenues to express such dissatisfactions. They say that the pen or in this case, the keyboard is mightier than the sword!

Speak your mind through your blog! Be responsible in what you say or share. Do not hide behind a pseudonym if you are truly a gentleman or a gentlewoman. Speak outright and be upfront about it if you want to be taken seriously.

No one can stop you from stating what you have to say but you must know that with each word or sentence you type, you are held responsible for it, whether you are right or wrong? You can’t say something and then deny it. That’s just asking for trouble.

Sentiments expressed online and throughout the Malaysian Blogosphere promise Abdullah Badawi a wake up call that is going to reflect the true dissatisfactions of the people over some of his policies despite the attempts by the propaganda ministry to picture him as being exemplary in his questionable leadership or rather lack of it.

The people’s growing unhappiness resulting from the increased costs of living spurred on by his government’s decisions to raise the price of fuel and other repercussions of the ensuing inflation have slowly but surely started to have a domino effect in demolishing any hope of him ever regaining the trust of the people or even repeat his 2004 feat!

So, Abdullah Badawi and the BN are not going to have a smooth roll this time around in retaining all their seats of power here in Malaysia.

Even then, the Malaysian Opposition aren’t really that unified in their ‘unholy alliance’ of mismatched partnership to really pose a strong challenge to the BN.

Reason being is so very obvious. DAP and PAS are forever opposed to each others ideals and objectives that I find it unbelievable that these two political enemies would even want to forge a political partnership?

The DAP are on record of opposing the formation of an Islamic State as envisioned by PAS from day one!

They have been quite vocal about it and have remained so by continuing to champion the causes of apostates from Islam and remain committed to their call for a ‘Malaysian Malaysia‘ which seeks to remove the Malays special privileges under what is known as ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ or ‘Malay Supremacy’. They have not minced their words and have been going about continuing to antagonize the ruling Malay political party UMNO about it since coming into being in 1966.

Although Karpal Singh apologized for his anti Islamic State stand in the Forum Keadilan way back in 1999, he and his Central Executive Council members in the DAP have not backed off from their opposing such a move by anyone whether from UMNO or PAS to adopt and infuse Islamic values into the running of the Malaysian Government.

I would say that their being so is a result of the failure of both UMNO or PAS to reach out to the DAP and explain to them about the truth regarding Islamic values and principles and the result of both UMNO and PAS in not actually practicing Islam to the letter and from their track records.

The ongoing feud between UMNO and PAS is a main deterrent to both parties ever coming to be taken seriously as a role model for Islamic governance as deep down both parties have an intense hatred for each other’s standpoints that I don’t have to even bother showing you here as to what I mean?

The records of such confrontations between UMNO and PAS are right there for all to see.

Bloggers today play a role in the disseminating of news and views and at times even beat the mainstream newspapers and media organizations in reporting the latest situations.

Alternative media such as Malaysiakini have now become a major source for those of us who have access to the internet to catch up on the latest breaking news and there are links to blogs and websites that expose news and reports that most mainstream media organizations try to hide such things from the people!

That used to be the case back then not anymore today!

Editors of newspapers can’t have it their way anymore. Bloggers are now playing a role in the sharing of information in a borderless world and they do not have to kowtow to anybody in having their say about things that affect them and their nation!

This 2008 Malaysian General Elections is going to see us Bloggers contributing to the nation by doing our part to clear the air about what is going on behind the scenes in the Malaysian political arena.

May the people elect only the candidates who will do their jobs responsibly and deny the ones with a dubious track record and have been bullshitting their way all these years any chances of retaining their seats or making any comebacks!

We need a fresh new government. Not another term of having dinosaurs take up space and rob us of a better leadership from both the BN or even the disunited BA!

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