May 4, 2022


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Daytrip to Hulu Langat during Malaysia’s Election Season.

Scene at Hulu Langat. All kinds of flags and buntings were fluttering with the breeze there. Elections Fever!

Yesterday, I took a drive to Hulu Langat with MENJ and we had lunch at my favorite kampong stall.

After lunch, we drove all the way up to Sg Pangsoon and prayed Zohor at the Masjid Qariah, Kuala Pangsoon.

This is a very large ‘tabuh’ @ sort of a drum that we found at the side corridor of Masjid Qariah, Kuala Pangsoon.

Detail of some carving done on the body of the large elongated wooden drum.

MENJ posing before the giant ‘tabuh’ just to give you an idea of the size of the drum. It’s huge!

Along the way, we saw the flags and buntings of the main political parties festoon the area at designated places and took some photos of the scenes.

Which brings me to a conclusion. The Election Season will unearth all the invincible YB’s into our midst and chances are that this is the only time you’ll be seeing them in person.

Be prepared to see your former Members of Parliament and State Assembly men and women suddenly appear not to be that busy anymore and almost always be present in your constituency.

You’ll see your roads tarred afresh or where there was none suddenly being paved and the infrastructure of even the remotest rural areas being taken care of by the JKR or other government agencies.

Road being tarred. Coincidence or election goodies?

You can rest assured that the YB’s whom you could not even get to meet all these while when they were in office be suddenly seem to be so available to you and your fellow constituents.

Barisan Nasional Boleh!…or flagmaker business boleh?

Those who were all these while engaged with this and that will suddenly be so free to have a drink with you at the local kopitiam’s and ‘belanja semua‘ without the slightest hesitation.

Faces that you have been looking at all these while smiling at you from roadside and traffic light junction banners will suddenly materialize in the flesh and come shake your hands and greet you like a long lost friend.

Dentists and beauty salon operators will be having good business during this Election Season and cheery expectant faces be everywhere you turn.

Local eateries and restaurants will be experiencing a surge in business and sales will be good if not excellent!

The sure fire winners of this electoral season will surely be the flag makers and buntings manufacturers who will be laughing their way to the bank no matter who wins or loses!

Anyway, this election season will sure see the alternative media like Malaysiakini busy and occupied with sharing of the latest updates about the corrupt ones seeking re-election. In a way having such sources of info is good for the people. Get to know who is who from following the breaking news! Lots of interesting news scoops out there!

MENJ happy to discover the Pangsoon River. First time he has been here. Surely won’t be his last.

Back to my topic. My companion on this daytrip to the rural area, MENJ was surely excited to see the fresh natural vista of the whole area.

He had never been so far up into Hulu Langat and was pleased to see the fresh flowing rivers in the area.

Now he knows why Mahaguru58 loves to escape into the natural paradise that Hulu Langat is famous for every now and then?

I wish that this area be preserved and kept clean and natural as long as possible.

We also came across a few kids fishing at the river. Compared to Sg Klang and Sg Gombak, the rivers here are so much more clearer and thriving with fish.

Carefree days of their lives! These kids will remember these times when they don’t have to worry their heads about politics, bills, issues, etc.

All they know is to go to school and after that go fishing when they are free. Don’t you feel a wee bit jealous? Hehehehe…I know I do. 😛

Click on to the pictures to view them in a full screen mode.
Will give you the feeling of being right there with these kids.

Sure takes away the feeling of being in claustrophobic KL or anywhere else that is a concrete jungle!

The easy going lifestyle of kampong folks such as in Hulu Langat will sure be a refreshing escape to once in a while for people like us here in KL.

We came across this warning banner put up by the villagers aimed at the ‘Mat Rempit’s ‘ who have been a menace revving up trouble along the peaceful village roads there!

‘Mat Rempit’s are maniacs on motorcycles who love nothing but to tear up at breakneck speed along the roads and highways of this nation. Not that many people shed a tear for the devils on two wheels who love causing havoc on our roads and get smashed up at times killing themselves after banging into other vehicles or most of the times into the roadside crash barriers!

Came across this old lady looking so classic at one of the roadside shops there when I stopped over to buy some cut fresh fruits. This grandma must sure have lots of stories to tell about Hulu Langat from years gone by.

I would recommend those of you who are living in KL and the surrounding areas to go explore Hulu Langat.

There are lots of nice places to rest and refresh and lots of beautiful laidback kampong scenes to capture and cherish forever.

Have a restful weekend.