December 10, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Imam Hadhari proves to be a flip flopping liar! Sheeesh!

I don’t understand how Abdullah Badawi can get away with such a blatant lie and still hope to be trusted by the Malaysian public?

Is he trying to justify the label of ‘Mr.Flip Flop’ that his detractors have long accused him to be?

For someone who came up with the idea of ‘Islam Hadhari’, it speaks volumes about the character or rather lack of it when this man can lie to the entire nation nonchalantly saying that ‘No! The Parliament is NOT going to be dissolved!’ and then out of the blue does the very thing that he was asked about by the nation’s reporters yesterday!!!

Do Malaysians still question why independent media such as Malaysiakini are necessary to check and balance the bullshit that is being bandied about by the likes of our wriggly wiggly PM and his gang?

This is the very reason why Muslims like me have a very strong aversion to any bidaah spewing lying innovator!

If he is just any other kampong bumpkin, I and many millions of others wouldn’t give a hoot about it but hello!!! This is the Prime Minister of Malaysia we are talking about!

What bloody hell kind of a leadership is this?

Do we even have to wonder about where the wriggling, wiggling VK Lingam and company get their lessons on lying from when we have the nation’s so called Chief Executive Officer of Malaysia Incorporated LYING to each and every one of us without an iota of shame or remorse?

The mark of an untrustworthy leader is when he doesn’t have the integrity or spine to be upfront about such a very important thing as the dissolution of the Malaysian Parliament!

I wish we have a better leader who will be man enough to say the truth and nothing but the truth!

To all the so called Ulamaks who rubberstamp their approval to this lying flip flopper, I say that you are just the same as him who lies through his teeth to us, the long suffering Malaysians!

He might as well be officiating the School of Lying and Flip Flopping for all we care?

Talk about hypocrisy at the very top! No wonder that when the critics blast the fella left right black and blue, we feel no urgency to defend or even support the lying Imam of Islam Hadhari!

I say this and I say it for all time ever.

I recognize only the true faith of Islam as Allah’s Greatest and Final Messenger revealed to all of us Children of Adam Alaihis Salam in completion a thousand four hundred over years ago!

No latter day smart aleck or anyone else who comes to us with ‘Islam this and that’ is going to get my vote or support! Na’uzubillah!

Malaysians! If you still do not wake up to this atrocious proof before you, you can go fly kite!

We had Bolehland! This land ; that land! Now we can add another. The Land of the Flip Flopping Pee Emm. You take out the ‘Emm’ and what is left is nothing but pee! No wonder it stinks!!!

May Allah save us all. Amin.

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