December 8, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Uptrenders need to do these in order to be successful business leaders!

Picture shows myself posing with the CEO of Uptrend Networks, Madam Susie Yeoh.

To all Uptrenders out there especially to members of my Team Zainking!

I would like to share with you some business building tips that if applied to and carried out diligently will transform you into dynamic business builders and successful networkers in Uptrend Networks and any other networking business out there.

Many people who fail in this business and all other Multi Level Marketing or Networking businesses out there are those who do not follow the successful ways of the winners in the business that they signed up under and they DID NOT DO the following to reap the rewards of the respective businesses of the world.

So, if you would like to get out of the losers circle and not be associated with the has beens, also rans and N.A.T.O. ( No Action ; Talk Only gang), please do these:

Be early to your appointments, meetings and business group activities.
It is important for serious Uptrenders to be disciplined and set an example of your commitment to be exemplary business builders .

If possible try to be there at least 15 to 20 minutes earlier at the venue in order to familiarize yourself with the place.

Always try to arrive early before the business presentation starts in order to get to know others and introduce your business prospects to the Uptrend Business Millionaires and Leaders especially your Grand Uplines in order to trigger the networking process and get them to be acquainted with the winners in the business.

Networkers need to do just that. Network and build bridges. Establish connections and make contact. That doesn’t mean that you just go and waste time yak yakkety yak with just anybody.

Do your research and target specific business leaders who have proven themselves in the field and work your way towards getting to know them and learn from the achievers about the many ways and tips to making it in the business.

Stop waiting for things to happen.
In our business, we sometimes hear a lot of losers complain that they have joined Uptrend for so long and attended so many business presentations, yet have yet to see any money in their accounts.

These are the ones who usually gripe and grunt saying that they have become Uptrenders since a year or two but nothing has happened in their business! No one has joined them and that their uplines are @#$%^&! good for nothing people who have taken them for a ride bla bla bla!

These idiots who join Uptrend and many other businesses for the wrong reasons and misguided dreams FORGET that Uptrend Networks is NOT A GET RICH QUICK SCAM that many misinformed nitpickers out there keep libeling the business but an ACTIVITY BASED Networking Business that has produced so many successful Uptrend Networks Millionaires and those on their way towards achieving FINANCIAL FREEDOM and becoming FREE FROM DEBTS!

When we investigate as to the causes which has led to these folks to fail in their business networks , we usually find that they approach the networking event and activities of the company as if they were guests of the business instead of being active Uptrend networkers themselves.

They wait for someone to come and introduce them to prospects. They fail to do what they are supposed to do and wait for prospects to come fall down from the skies or to seek them out like a ‘heat seeking missile’ from the masses of people attending such functions and business presentations. Who the hell do they think they are? Freaking Hollywood superstars?

They fail to wake up to the reality that if it is to be , it is up to them to initiate business contact and introduce the business to people who WANT to make extra income themselves.

This business will work IF the Uptrender does what he or she is supposed to do in the first place which is to BE ACTIVELY NETWORK with the right sort of people.

Uptrend Networks and any other business out there which is ACTIVITY BASED is a business which REQUIRES its members to really go out there and do business activities.

When you fail to do the basics of this business which requires you to get off your butt and go do something to let other people know about your business opportunity, DO NOT GO AROUND complaining that Uptrend has not done this or that for you!!!

To these losers, I say ‘WAKE THE HELL UP!’

No one owes you anything! This business is just that. It is a business. It is not a charity or social get together which will come kowtow itself to you and hand you your millions of ringgits on a golden platter WITHOUT YOU DOING YOUR PART TO EARN IT!

You actually need to work for it! You need to go into the crowd. You need to go speak to your prospects and be the HOST ; not act like a guest!

You need to strike up a conversation with your prospects, not try to go cut the queue by speaking to others prospects! No way! If you do that, you’ll get kicked out and tarred or feathered metaphorically speaking!

You need to actually do your prospecting first and approach potential prospects to invite them to join you in your business.

You really HAVE TO DO YOUR BUSINESS PROSPECTING by speaking to or making contact with those whom you think might be interested to do this business with you.

You have to do your homework and learn about the Uptrend business yourself inside out in order to be able to do just that. You can’t bullshit your way through this business. You do that? You are history!

You really need to go attend the N.E.W. @ New Entrepreneur Workshop that the Uptrend Networks company has prepared for you in order that you get to learn the basics of the Uptrend Networks business building methods and be able to do what you need to in order to see people signing up under you and they do the same in their networks.

When you attend the EOM @ Entrepreneur Opportunity Meeting’s , you need to be someone whom people would like to get to know and join you in your business network. You really need to be a dynamic sparkling personality whom people would want to be associated with.

You need to smile and smile sincerely. You need to have that love and care for others in you in order to really be a successful Uptrend Business Leader.

If you smile and extend your hand in salam or greeting, chances are that 99 percent of the people you meet will actually smile back in return and introduce themselves to you!

If not, you can break the ice by simply saying , “I don’t think that we have met! I am …..Team ….Business Leader. What’s your name?” ..etcetera.

Take it from there and soon you would become a pro at meeting people. This is a people based business and you better learn how to interact with them and learn to be a successful business networker with them if you are really SERIOUS in being a winner in Uptrend.

That is if you really, really want to be successful in Uptrend.

Introduce yourself with a sixteen second sizzler!
Have you ever been introduced to someone and when told as to what the person did for a living , been completely at a loss for words because you had no idea as to what he or she was talking about?

Situations such as that are very uncomfortable and each of us would want to quickly disappear and assimilate elsewhere to avoid the inconvenience of handling such an unimpressive person.

Usually people shy away from having to deal with such situations because nobody likes to be appear foolish or ignorant when facing those who fumble and mumble their words and introductions.

Overly technical and professional jargon can also lead to an early end to such introductions or attempts at conversations.

To make sure that you do not fall into this trap, practice introducing yourself in as simple a statement that you can but that which provokes interest using terms that even a primary six student can understand. You don’t have to make things complicated.

Instead of you having to say, ” I am So and So, the President of HiTech Systems. We install hitech computer systems for vertical markets, etc.” say something like, “My company is called HiTech Systems. We help lawyers and their staff work better using computers.”

You can also start your introduction with a statement that tells your name, your company if you have one, the market you serve and how you benefit your clients. For example:

* I’m Tan Eng Hong. I run a round the clock word processing service for screenwriters. I specialize in meeting impossible deadlines.
* I’m Jefri Suparman. My company is called Fresh Gardens. We supply fresh flowers to the finest hotels in KL.
* I’m Dr. Krishnan. I help people slim themselves down. I run the proven Slim n Trim Weight Loss Program.

But if you ever meet someone who baffles you with his or her introduction, do not back away or run off like what everyone does. Ask the person,” What exactly does that mean?” Chances are that you will not only learn more about them, you might end up making a new friend or business associate.

Try it. You will benefit in either way.

Carry your business cards all the time.
A business card is the best form of self advertising that any serious business builder can have.

It is straight to the point. Tells others about you and has all your business contact details on it 24/7.

Chances are that if you print your cards right and have them made out to reflect your true self as a true blue professional, you will be remembered and contacted by those who get hold of them, when and if the need arises.

If you wear a jacket, an efficient way to exchange business cards is to keep yours in one pocket and keep those that you receive in the other. That will minimize the need to fumble or sort out your cards from those of others and present you as a true professional who is efficient and smart.

Always try to get the business cards of your prospects or contacts that you make.
Among the easiest way to remember those whom you have met or made contacts is to refer to their business cards.

By getting the business cards of people whom you figure to be potential prospects or new business associates is to call them or contact them through phone, sms, email or instant internet messaging systems.

I for one find Yahoo Messenger to be the most effective business presentation tool for me. I have closed many new business deals with my prospects online through Yahoo Messenger and I recommend you to do just the same.

That’s it for this time. Will share more later. Try to learn from the winners out there and stop complaining or griping about the business. Go do what you need to do first and discover the keys to making it in this business proper and stop looking for excuses.

Be the best that you can be and come join me in making extra income the right, smart way!
Call me at 6-016-3969881 or email me at to learn more.

Best regards to you who wants to be amongst the successful Uptrenders! Let’s go make money!

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