April 14, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Spam Mail Internet and Email Abusers in Malaysia.

Dear fellow bloggers.

I wonder if you feel just as pissed off like me when we unwittingly fall victim to abusers of the Internet and emails systems by having to deal with those who seem to have a penchant to forward emails and other junk mails to us just because we are being cordial to them in the first place?

The amount of spam mail just floods our inbox and no matter how many times we have to click and identify such spam mail , we also have to deal with hundreds of forwarded emails which many anonymous nincompoops seem to revel in and try to draw us into useless debates and discussions of their sick perverted excuses for a mind daily?

It is for these reasons that many tend to not want to come across as Mr.Goody 2 Shoes and instead develop a stern menacing internet identity that will in the long run really affect the true persona of the person.

Damn! This is what drives many good natured folks away from showing any iota of care or concern to the problems of others, especially ones who mistake sincere friendships for the sake of Allah the Almighty and the spirit of Husnul Zahn to turn it around to be a bore and an unnecessary emotional and mental burden in having to deal with their crap!

Talk about driving us nuts! You see lots of cybersnipers and anonymous crackpots in forums and websites like in Malaysia Today or Malaysiakini who suffer having to sort out and deal with hundreds of thousands of such anonymous posters and commenters.

There are many weirdos and sickos out there in the nefarious cyberspace. These are the vermin who derive sick pleasure of causing others mental strain and drive them away from trying to establish a beneficial social network of good natured beings, irrespective of race or religion.

I have had it up to here with trying to be nice with such kind. I am sure that you my fellow Malaysian Bloggers will definitely agree with me in this and in fact have your own sad scary stories to tell.

Now, I don’t even dare to log in to my Google Chat for fear of getting disturbed by useless banter from those I thought that could use some friendly and useful advice! How wrong I have been! It is robbing me of my business chats with my business partners and associates! Ya Allah!!!

Sheeeeshh… no wonder people die quick nowadays! Unnecessary tensions in trying to stay away from such unwanted, unnecessary bullshit and hate mail that seems to spread across the Blogosphere and email systems!

When are people ever going to learn? It is not only sickening but makes you want to install a permanent spam blocker for each and every email and tediously have to sieve through each email that pops into our suffering inbox!

Damn! Damn! Double triple quadruple damn! Wise up all ye sickos out there and spare us your crap!!!

Others have lives of their own too damnit! Go take a flying leap into the nearest disused mining pool that is scattered around KL and let us live and surf in peace!!!

May Allah bless me and protect me from going bonkers over such spammers! Ameen.

What about you? Have you been getting spammed too?

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