April 14, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

The BN Government needs to engage with the protesting public.

I am referring to the way things are taking place here in our nation lately. I know that many of us aren’t exactly happy with the way things are being run or abused here in this country.

No matter what we say or try to do, the Barisan Nasional Government currently holding power over us seems a tad unconcerned about all these protests and shows of dissatisfactions by a growing number of the populace.

This doesn’t do good for the country in the long run. Citizens have a say in the running of this country and a responsible government ought to take into consideration all such protests and shows of unhappiness by its people.

The mark of a responsible government is good interactions between the ones in authority and the citizens it rules over. No one is perfect. The BN Government can diffuse the current buildup of tensions by having proper dialogues with the ones who are driven to stage protests against it.

We can’t afford to keep having these confrontations between the grassroots and the authorities. Being civilized people, surely we can go about settling our differences in a manner acceptable to all?

Why must the government shy away from having a series of dialogue with the people? I for one see no point in continuing these cold wars between the government and members of the public especially from the Malaysian Opposition.

We all know that the elected Members of Parliament from both the BN Alliance and the Opposition have failed to do their jobs as much as we all have expected them to do when the Parliament has been in session?

The BN’s leadership must know that they have to deal with the matters being raised by the people because it is their responsibility in solving the people’s problems. We aren’t expecting them to perform miracles or try to settle everything in one shot.

People protest for a reason! No one in his or her right mind would want to go out onto the streets and roads of this nation protesting for just any useless or unfounded causes!

The recent protest by PROTES is against the impending price hike of petrol and other basic commodities because we are an oil producing country, aren’t we?

Oil producing countries are supposed to keep their domestic oil prices reasonable for their own people and not just hike up the prices of fuel at every given opportunity without taking into considerations the income levels of the average Malaysian citizen!

Higher income society won’t feel the pinch nor will all the well paid cash flushed BN politicians for most of the top leaders of the government do not have to fork out a sen to fill up their official luxury automobiles , etc.

The common people however are feeling the heat from the price hikes and people are getting very pressured and pissed off! That’s why they feel they have to protest! They have no options but to take to the streets to make their feelings known to the BN leaders!

I am addressing this part to the PM, Abdullah Badawi.

They want you, the PM to look into their problems and do something for them as you should!

The protesters aren’t crazy lunatics who love getting walloped by the FRU or get arrested and thrown into jail! They are Malaysians.

Malaysians who love this country and want to do their bit to keep this nation a decent place to live and to just see to it that life doesn’t get any costlier than what it already is?

Remember that power is only temporary and one fine day , that very power will be taken away from you and you will return to Him who is the All Powerful and can change the King into a commoner and a commoner into a King?

‘Qullu nafsin iza iqatul maut!’ Everything that breathes shall die.

Learn from the recent passing away of your fellow former cabinet minister and do what’s best for the people.

Don’t just claim to be civil servants but act as if you are the new Colonial Masters over us!

It would do the nation good if you guys would practice what you preach every now and then!

You know what I mean!

I would be genuinely surprised if not one of you BN leaders read what is being published in the people’s alternative websites such as Malaysiakini or other news portals, nowadays to claim ignorance about why some Malaysians are forced to take to the streets to make their dissatisfactions known?

Being the government means you need to look at both sides of the coin, not just listen to all the flattery being heaped upon you by the apple polishers around you!

Wise up and let those arrested folks go off with a warning! That would earn you points amongst the people. Really!

Try being a good listener, once in a while. It’s good for you and also the nation.

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