April 13, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Malaysians! Don’t vote for anyone with a corrupt past!

I find it preposterous to see so many of the BN’s current politicians seeking re-election in the coming GE!

The same goes to any of the current Opposition party members who have done or accomplished nothing for their constituents in their past 5 year term as Members of Parliament or State Assemblymen or women.

I for one will not support anyone who has a tarnished track record and has only wasted his or her time whilst being in power or office.

Malaysians must stop blindly endorsing any Ahmad, Ah Seng or Samy who is put up as the candidate in their respective constituencies.

If the BN puts up someone who has already wasted his or her time doing nothing but filling up their bank accounts all these while and done nothing to improve the lot of the people who elected him or her in the period before this, then please use your commonsense. No one is indispensable.

If the Opposition comes up with someone who has just been full of hot air all these while and done nothing for the constituency, forget the person!

Malaysians deserve better. We need sincere representatives who are really sincere in wanting to improve the lot of the people and not just interested to morph overnight into the cash flushed bureaucrat whose objectives are nothing but a humongous personal castle, a luxury chauffeur driven automobile with the MP crest emblazoned across their chariot and waste their time sleeping on the job in either the Parliament or State Assemblies!

And last but not least, don’t forget all those who spewed nothing but bullshit and insulted the intelligence of the people and also the ladies of this nation by their cock and bull ideas or screwed up opinions!

You want clues? Go ask Mob1900! Go through his posts. Check out his posters! You will surely learn as to who I am talking about?

C’mon Malaysia! It’s time to put this nation back on track! Let’s have a better government!

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