September 21, 2023


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Genting Highlands – Still a pleasant cool hill resort to visit!

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

How are you today? I pray that you are in the best of Iman and Amals, Insya Allah.

I was up at Genting Highlands on Friday with my darling. It’s been quite some time since we last drove up to the summit. The place was full of mist and really, really cool. It’s nice to know that we have places such as these in our country.

Just want to share with you some of the photos and a video of our recent trip up to the Genting Highlands.

You may click on to the pictures to see them in a better perspective. Hope you like them.

We don’t have snowcapped mountains for we are in the tropical climate countries and exactly situated at the Equator of planet Earth but we are blessed to have these highland rainforest resorts to escape to once in a while from the stifling heat .

So the presence of such mist covered hill resorts is really a cool respite from the heat we suffer from at times living in KL and other hot humid places in Malaysia!

This shot was taken at Goh Tong Jaya, halfway to the summit. Lots of shops here.

I enjoyed feeling the breeze and cool mists on my face as I stopped to buy some drinks and tidbits at the shops there. Good to be up there again after a few years.

The journey to the summit was interesting and I managed to snap lots of scenic views and a video clip of the cable car going up and down the hills.

I went to pray at the Masjid Qariah Genting for Asar. The place was vacant when I was there and the ceilings showed signs of weather damage due to the high humidity.

When I took my ablution from the water pipes there, it was so cold taking wudhu with iced water!

Brrrrrrr…felt the chill right into my bones! One can develop pneumonia staying in such a cold chilly place!

I think that it might be normal for those who are used to colder climates but tropical folks like me surely won’t be able to survive here in the long run.

This part of the main praying area looks fine but one would have to have a heart of stone in not feeling dismay looking at visible signs of wear and tear being left to rot out the ceiling fixtures.

The masjid was quite spacious but it’s interiors were not that well kept. The ceiling seems to have fallen into rot and decay and there was a basin and an aluminum pot to catch the water leakage. Really sad to see such disrepair being allowed to be in the main mosque atop this highlands resort.

The masjid administrators really ought to wake up from their apathy! I mean, let’s face it. What will Muslims from other countries visiting Genting Highlands and stopping over at the Masjid Qariah Genting think of this nation’s Islamic authorities when they don’t give a hoot about taking care of a house of prayer, especially the only one atop this much visited tourist spot?

The Malaysian Islamic Affairs Department really needs to see to it’s upgrading soon! Talk about taking care of our nation’s image! We can’t afford to be so lackadaisical over such things!

Apart from that disappointment, the rest of the places up there were alright but still I think that Genting Highlands owners ought to get their housekeeping crew busy with cleaning up the glass panes of the overhead walkways. The glass panes were dirty and starting to show signs of moss and algae building up on them. Can say that it must have been ages since they got to do that!

Nevertheless, the cool climate up there sort of made up for it and we had our cafe latte’s and cheesecake plus muffin at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf overlooking the scenic views of the hills below us.

Having the cool breeze and mist caress us as we sipped our latte’s was just heavenly…not that I have been there yet..but I am sure that you know what I mean!

After having our latte and dessert, we went sightseeing and took these pictures of the flora and breathtaking views of the Genting Highlands resort.

This is the gardens near the Theme Park Hotel.

This bright yellow flowers caught my attention. I remember seeing such plants way back when I was a school kid in Penang.

These two cops were stationed at the entrance to the theme park. I snapped this photo of them with the large floral display in the background. Good mannered pleasant fellows. Good for them!

I asked these two other policemen to pose for a snap with me. Great looking uniforms, eh? The caps and the smart jacket are what makes them look good! Pleasant dispositions help as well. 🙂

I am a huge fan of toddlers. I just can’t help but preserve this shot of this cute little fellow all bundled up in winter clothings plus that snow cap!

He wanted to be left to walk on his own! His father was clearly having a hard time trying to control the little fellow! nowadays! So independent!

This handsome little fellow is Ahmad from the Middle East. I took his picture as he was waiting with his mom for their transport. Look at that cute face! May Allah bless him! Ameen.

My darling took this snapshot of me doing a ‘Bollywood style’ pose. Hehehehehe…

Insya Allah, one of these days, would like to stay overnight and enjoy the cool climate there with my darling.

When are you going there?

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