September 22, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Nasty foulspeaking granny causes havoc at Jusco Maluri.

Hehehehehe! I sure hope that you have not been the victim of dirty speaking nasty ‘Ar Orr’ here!

Regular shoppers of Jusco Taman Maluri are quite familiar hearing a croaky nasty foul mouthed granny shown here who wreaks havoc at this supermarket where I go to buy my groceries!

She was shouting at the closed circuit security camera installed overhead at the ceiling!

Hehehehe..she is well aware of the closed circuit cameras installed at strategic locations in the supermarket and thus is seen here complaining about the Jusco staff who tail her wherever she goes!

She has been caught shoplifting many times by the beleagured Blue Wave security guards of this popular shopping centre in Cheras besides the Cheras District Police Headquarters.

The supermarket owners have released her times and time again and warned her off but to no avail!

She is a stubborn old lady and no matter what they do, she still keeps returning like clockword to the place.

The guards and Jusco Maluri employees just try their best to bear with her but lately she is getting more troublesome by spewing expletives at anyone who tries to take back whatever stuff that she has slipped into her sweater!

Yesterday, I happened to have my digital camera and decided to record this footage as a permanent record of her shenanigans.

I hope that the Social Welfare Department takes heed of this nasty granny and takes her away to an old folks home!

She was swearing cuss words out loud yesterday that made many fair damsels amongst the Jusco shoppers go red with embarrassment!

The guards didn’t dare go near her! Hehehehehehe! What a nuisance!

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