February 28, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Uptrend Networks is a Halal E-Commerce Business.


Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

This article is a conclusion to my stating all this while that Uptrend Networks in which I am a Global Business Entrepreneur and leading Team Zainking is a Multi Level Network Marketing Business that has been verified as Halal according to the Islamic Syariah.

Picture shows me and my team of Zainking Uptrenders registering Yassir Fahmee (2nd from left) using mobile internet connection at a cafe in Petaling Jaya. My grand upline Cikgu Norhaidi Nordin (before his laptop computer) is doing the registration. He is our Mobile Stockist @ my mobile ATM machine..hehehehe. You too can join me in earning good money this way.

As a Muslim Networker, I am absolutely committed to earning a Halal income through my business networkings and make sure that what I do is halal according to Islamic Laws and in accordance to the trade laws of the Malaysian Government.

This is one of my major kick ass downlines, Zainal Azman a.k.a Zainalkaya. A former Malaysian Trade Commissioner to Los Angeles, USA. He has his own Uptrend centre at Bukit Rahman Putra, Sg.Buloh. He is a businessman who has chosen Uptrend after trying out other MLM’s. To him Uptrend Delivers!
How about you? Come join me in making money, the smart, proven, can do way!

Myself with two Uptrenders from Team Zainalkaya and Cikgu Rashid, the Uptrend Air Keroh Melaka Centre Owner (2nd from right).
The way to success in Uptrend is to be focused and active in networking. I plan to keep going till I hit my first million..and not stop! I know that if it is to be, it is up to me and my team. Join me
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I have been doing a study on the aspects of our business and where it stands from the Islamic point of view. The Network Marketing business is somewhat new compared to traditional forms of conducting trade between interested parties.

Myself with one of Uptrend’s Leaders, Mrs. Emma Akma, an actress and businesswoman who has established her own Uptrend Centre at Ukay Perdana. She is a symbol of how women nowadays are making huge incomes by grabbing this opportunity and working diligently at it. You too can be like her. Call me at 6-016-3969881 to learn how?

Therefore, it is important to ensure that in our efforts to earn money by doing business of this kind where we no longer have to be facing each other in person and conduct our business as what the ancient traders did and now carrying out business and trade using the internet and closing deals online by way of electronic transactions, our commerce remains halal and blessed.

Recently, the government’s decision to shutdown a large number of deposit taking online scams resulted in the break out of several hasty decisions by so called religious ones to issue a blanket decree lumping such criminal operations with legitimate networking businesses such as ours as going against Islamic Syariah and libeling us in the process.

Frankly speaking, I do not recognize nor accept any groundless views of any such blinkered viewed persons who out of their ignorance about the way we do our business, simply cause so many Uptrenders to lose their potential income as a result of their prospects changing their minds in joining their networks after believing the fitnah of the concerned individual.

I would like to clear the confusion about Uptrend once and for all by sharing here with you what I have come to learn from studying about the subject matter from sources online and offline.

Among the Islamic scholars who have written extensively about the matter of E-Commerce being a Halal way of conducting business in these technologically advanced times is Ustaz Zarul Izham bin Jaapar from the Syariah Laws Department of the Academy of Islamic Studies, University of Malaya.

I am sharing here with you some of the facts which I have learned from my studies.

E-Commerce is a Halal Business.

Business conducted online is also known as E-Commerce. E-Commerce can be defined as a form of trading between mankind using the internet as a means of utilizing telecommunications to carry out business proposals between the seller and the buyer.

This is myself with my grandmaster upline , Multi Millionaire Uptrender Cikgu Ahmad Amiruddin who’s earning millions each month. He is a symbol of how each nd everyone of us can turn out to be if only we do what we need to earn the type of income many just dream of?

In businesses such as Uptrend’s, we the Global Business Entrepreneurs act as the agents of the company in offering our prospects the opportunities to join us as business partners in the trading of the company’s products through a process of registration of business associates or downlines who in turn do the same and expand the networks of Uptrend’s Business Entrepreneurs throughout our nation and neighboring countries where Uptrend has established its branches.

Countries such as Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines, India, Pakistan and also in the (USA) State of Nevada are now doing business with Uptrend which was established here in Malaysia as the founding country.

Picture shows new Uptrenders learning how to do the business through the NEW Workshops. NEW stands for New Entrepreneur Workshop. Here one learns about the way to do network marketing, is taught the do’s and don’t’s of business building and other special techniques. You too can become an Uptrend superstar! Join me!

Hundreds of thousands of Uptrenders in all these countries are doing trade with each other and growing our networks legitimately according to both Islamic Syariah and the Domestic and International Trading laws of each respective country.

E-Commerce done using electronic transactions which include the offer of sale and acceptance of such business offers by the new business associate has in it’s fundamentals, the enjoining by the Holy Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam of conducting trade and commerce using the written agreement between seller and buyer.

When Uptrenders use the company’s online registration system in registering their new business associates, the data entered electronically is a form of writing down an agreement of trade between the company, the Uptrend upline and the Uptrend downline or business associate.

There is no hidden areas of conducting such a clear, simple, straightforward business agreement between interested parties.

No one signs up as an Uptrend member without knowing exactly what he or she is signing up for?

All the requirements of a proper business transaction according to Islamic Syariah is met and ascribed to strictly and openly by all the parties concerned. There is no room for fraud here.

Uptrend’s E-Commerce system has been designed in such a way that takes into consideration all the requirements of both Islamic Syariah and the Malaysian Ministry of Domestic Trade and Industry.

Here are several definitions in the conducting of E-Commerce which needs to be present and carried out in order to validate such transactions to be deemed Halal according to the Syariah.

The buying and selling taking place in E-Commerce must go through a process where the following stages of conducting the business take place:

Picture shows a business presentation being conducted at our Uptrend HQ at Menara Choy Fook On Seminar Hall on Level 16 to a capacity crowd of interested potential buyers @ business associates.

Business Discussions @ Presentation ( Trade Offer)
Just like any other business dealings in the world, there must be a situation where the seller ( in this case the Uptrender @ ‘upline’ representing the company) proposes to the prospective buyer ( the prospect @ potential business associate -‘downline’)

  • The exact opportunities of starting a business relationship between them and in the process of registering the buyer @ downline lays out or presents to the intended prospect all the details of the business proposition including the terms and conditions of the business package involved plus what the business associate stands to get or gain from the deal?
  • Exact details of the products in the business package being offered like pictures of the products, video and audio detailing such products. The forms of the products or services being offered in the E-Commerce must be displayed clearly if they are in physical forms or explained in detail if they are in digital services or products such as software, online business systems, exclusive data or privileged for members only special information.
  • Services offered in exchange for the business package signed and paid for.
  • Benefits or rewards that will be given to the new business associate in exchange for the premiums paid for in the registering of the new business dealership
  • Any new offers and updates to the exact rewards or bonuses that the company states upfront to pay to the new business associate when he or she fulfills their part of the business networking activities.

Agreement between the Seller (Upline @ Business Leader) and the Buyer (Downline @ Business Associate) to trade or conduct business

If the buyer or prospect @ potential downline is interested to purchase any product or business package from the Business Leader @ Upline, then he or she must fulfill certain conditions that are fixed by the company which the Business Leader @ Upline represents by entering or logging in to the company’s official website and registering themselves in the proper online forms.

Here, the buyer is required to

  • fill up his or her details
  • choose what business package they are interested to purchase or sign up for
  • mode of payment ( in Uptrend we pay through cash, debit or credit cards)
  • payment is done by online banking transactions or straight to the counter at the HQ or appointed branches or through our Mobile Stockists or Master Dealers.
  • fulfillment of certain terms and conditions like paying for the delivery charges, etc.

This stage of the E-Commerce deal is the implementation of a business contract between both parties. Commencement of the agreement takes place when the intending business client or downline logs in to the official company’s website and registers him or herself with Uptrend.

A successful business transaction between Uptrend and the new business partner or associate is recognized when the new business is registered and entered into the company’s online network and the full details of the new Global Business Entrepreneur and his or her Trading Name is accepted and entrenched in our system.

This fulfills the Syariah requirement of a written agreement between the seller (Uptrend) and the buyer ( the new GBE Uptrender).

To be continued.

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