December 3, 2023


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Motorists be aware – Latest Robbery/Car Hijacking Tactic

I received this in my email today. Although I usually do not believe such forwarded emails as this, being a motorist myself tells me that this can happen to just any one of us on the roads today.

Just read about this incident and be aware of the latest modus operandi of the robbers and car hijackers out there who are targeting uninformed motorists using such tactics to rob, rape and even murder the unwary drivers on our roads and highways.

Better to be safe than sorry! After all, no one’s going to come to our assistance nowadays when something like this happens!

There will be many….bystanders! For sure! Malaysians are quite famous for it.

Look! Just look! No need to go help the victims or anything. Just freaking look and gawk at whoever is unfortunate enough to get into an accident, whether staged or unintentional?

There will be those who write down the number plates of such vehicles…not to furnish them as evidence to the police but to bet on it in the 4D , 3D or whatever stakes there are in Sports Toto and its likes.

Here’s the information I received (unedited):


Dear friends,

The latest tactic used by robbers to stop you while you are driving and to rob, rape or slash you has come to my attention after a friend of mine was trapped in this situation.


My good friend was driving along Kesas Highway with his wife just after Plaza Tol Puchong towards Kajang last Sunday 23rd December at around 11 pm after attending a dinner function at his relative’s house in Bandar Sunway.

Suddenly, a motorbike overtook them and the pillion rider threw 2 eggs towards his car windscreen.

Within seconds, his whole windscreen was smeared with the messy broken eggs. His immediate reflex action was to turn on the windscreen wipers which quickly covered the whole surface and blurred his vision.

So he immediately slowed his car and brought it to a halt along the emergency lane.

Then he got out of his car and was trying to wipe and wash the windscreen while his wife was seated inside the car.

All of a sudden a Proton Satria stopped behind his car and 3 guys came running towards him with Samurai swords screaming at him to surrender his car and wallet.

Luckily my friend, who is attached to the police CID, managed to pull his gun out and fire two warning shots in the air. The 3 guys ran helter skelter back into their car and drove off at a very high speed.

He called up for assistance and was told the getaway car had a false number plate.

Apparently, this tactic has been used quite often in the latest string of road side robberies especially with lady drivers or men driving alone or with women and small children.

So please, should you encounter such a situation, REMEMBER to make sure:

1) Not to turn on your car windscreen wipers.

2) Continue driving, with whatever available vision, to the nearest petrol station, police station, 7 Eleven store or any other crowded or brightly lit place to attract attention.

Please forward this information to your friends and family members.

Be Safe! Be Alert! Be Aware of such tactics of the criminals at large!


Well, I for one think that it is important to alert everyone about this danger!

Malaysiakini, Malaysia Today and all other news portals ought to carry this alert in their sites in order to let everyone know about such threats to our safety.

Our nation is becoming inundated with criminals at large and the Law prohibits us to carry weapons on our person or in our cars as a self defense measure.

We are stuck between the Devils and the apathetic ones out there. If such a thing happens to you, remember the advice above.

  • Stay in your vehicles.
  • Keep your doors locked.
  • Have your windscreens and windows tinted or coated with a plastic film. It helps to avoid breaking into smithereens if smashed at with any hard object. Better quality films have bullet proof protection but may be slightly expensive.Nevertheless, your safety is more important.
  • Keep your temper in check and drive on to the nearest police station or honk your car horn continuously to seek attention from the public ( even if no one comes to your aid ; it might scare away your attackers).
  • Be on the alert for tailgaters. Let them pass you or change your course and head away to another direction to determine whether you are being followed.
  • Read ‘Ayatul Qursi’ everytime you are behind the steering wheels and embarking on your journey. ( For Muslims)

    We have no one else to trust save for Allah the Almighty and pray that such criminal devils out there do not come our way! Amin.

    Share this info with all of your loved ones and friends.

    Thank you.


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