September 22, 2023


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Port Dickson Trip – Mahaguru58’s Travel Journal

There’s nothing as interesting as exploring our own nation and yesterday, your’s truly drove to Seremban and wanted to explore Kuala Pilah with my darling.

We had Nasi Minang at Ampangan, just off Seremban and drove on up the Bukit Putus on our way to explore Kuala Pilah.

Unfortunately, we drove into a traffic jam up along the two way traffic and the vehicles on the road were backed up almost a kilometre long.

Rather than waste our time moving at snail’s pace at times, we decided against continuing our way to Kuala Pilah and made a U Turn right there and then.

We then headed towards Port Dickson as our alternative destination. Actually there’s not much to do in PD as the sea there is hardly as clean as what one would expect to see in the East Coast of our peninsular.

The sea at PD is the Malacca Straits, a passage way for ocean going ships, polluted a bit and not really the kind of waters one would swim in except for really desperate ones and kids.

The most that one could do here is to have a picnic by the sea or fly kites and watch others doing the same! Hehehehe…

That’s about all that I saw at the stretch of the seaside that we were.

There was a stall selling cut fruits and soft drinks at inflated prices by the walkway.

I first thought of buying some cut fruits but decided against it as I saw that the stall holder wasn’t exactly the epitome of a healthy food handler! No thank you!

Malaysian food handlers such as that bloke ought to know better than to handle cut fruits with their bare hands! Not that we don’t have disposable plastic gloves on sale at the wholesalers markets!

Talk about nonchalance on his part to observe good hygiene practices as what the local authorities ask them to put to practice!

By failing to do just that he lost a potential customer like me. I figure that many more felt the same way as his stall wasn’t being thronged by customers and the cut fruits on sale looked like they were ready for disposal. Hmmm! What a shame!

Just facing the seaside was this square. Last time we were there, there was a Pasar Malam @ Night Market going on in full swing! So yesterday, there wasn’t much going on there at PD!

We then decided to go explore the old parts of the Port Dickson as PD is well known to be the Malay Army Regiment’s headquarters in the Peninsular and surely there must be some interesting old shops to discover.

My guess was right and I came upon some interesting hardware stalls selling all kinds of paraphernalia that would make collectors happy.

I was pleasantly surprised to see a whole lot of knives, daggers, machetes, etc. on sale. Knives enthusiasts and collectors of special blades ought to check out what they have on sale there in PD Old Town. Apart from being collector items, such blades come handy every Eidul Adha!

Click on the photo to see the items up close. I purposely haven’t compressed the photo here so that you can check them out and scrutinize them better.

I would have bought something from the stall as a memento but experience has taught me to never buy anything on impulse. Who knows if I may come across something better along the way? Anyway, there was no dire need for me to do yesterday. I look forward to our next trip up along the East Coast. Insya Allah, I might find some special items there.

This kind of old town atmosphere is still to be found in many of our nation’s pre war townships and there’s all kinds of architectural treasures of the bygone era’s still around for history buffs like me to marvel at and take snapshots of.

There was the old barbershop still offering haircuts to kids seated on planks across the barber chair arm rests. Remember having to seat on such planks before when we were kids? Hehehehe!

Anyway, time for us to return home came and we enjoyed a spectacular sunset on our way back along the PD-Seremban Highway.

A fitting end to an eventful day trip to Negri Sembilan. Looking forward to our next journey!

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