April 23, 2024


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Benazir’s Assassination – Suicide Bombers Go Straight to Hell!


To the memory of Benazir Bhutto and all the other victims who died with her in the bomb attack in Rawalpindi, Pakistan yesterday.

I am sure that many amongst us condemn the way that certain quarters in Pakistan chose to kill so many innocent lives just because they do not agree to Benazir Bhutto returning to contest in the only nuclear powered Muslim country in the world.

Terror has no legitimate place in the world of Islam and those who advocate mass murders of innocents just to snuff out one political target are sinners and in my opinion, will be condemned to Narr Al Jahannam @ The Lowest Hellfire for their dastardly deeds in taking the lives of innocents in the most cowardly manner.

Such is the situation when hatred takes over oneself and compassion takes leave of the person or persons who plotted taking her life in that way.

Unbridled anger destroys any essence of human compassion and in this case, we see a former Pakistani Premier being killed by a suicide bomber who himself blasted away any chances of him dying in the name of the faith or whatever causes he obliterated himself for?

Suicide is forbidden in Islam and this mass murderer surely will go straight to Hell for Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala condemns anyone who takes his or her life and that of others for unwarranted causes!

Society suffers as a result by such criminal acts which in turn can cause a backlash amongst the remaining people and we have seen more deaths take place in the country as a result of Benazir’s supporters running riot out of anger and outrage intending to avenge her death!

The crazed supporters rampaged through cities and towns burning down civilians vehicles and public transport, government buildings,etc.

What good is that going to do for the masses?

I for one do not agree with such a forbidden way of destroying oneself and murdering others for political objectives of the devious ones.

As expected, the usual scapegoat is who else but the Al-Qaeda, America’s favorite ‘terror group’.

The way they go about blaming Al-Qaeda for practically anything that goes wrong in the world is simply getting stale and just as credible as George Bush Jr. claiming that Saddam Hussein had been amassing huge arsenals of Weapons of Mass Destruction!

As the world knows, such a ruse is nothing but Bush Jr’s scam to invade Iraq in the name of Operation Iraqi Liberation or if you check out the acronym to be OIL!

Now, all these trouble breaking out in Pakistan may be the fruit of the machinations by the unseen hands who are creating havoc in the country!

Who is behind all these?

Who stands to gain by unhinging Pakistan? My guess would be the USA or it’s ruler by proxy, the rogue Zionist regime of Israel.

Pakistan is the world’s only Muslim nuclear power. By initiating unrest and wrecking the civil order in the country, it will open the doors for foreign intervention.

Which superpower is itching to plant its stakes in the region? Who else but Uncle Sam?

But then again, I might be wrong and this could be the work of Pervez Musharraf to undermine his political opponents in the coming General Elections?

Wallahu’alam bissawab.

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