April 23, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Malaysian Political Diaspora – As I See It!

We are going through a politically challenging period in our lives.

Never has our nation seen the grassroots Malaysian population coming together under a common root cause of seeking a change in the way this nation is run.

Sometimes general changes in any one nation are the fruits of a few determined individuals instead of waiting for the majority to rally to a cause.

It’s usually proven in cases which involve dramatic changes in a society. History records such changes taking place because of very dedicated sincere individuals who go about effecting such changes in their struggle to introduce changes in their lives according to their beliefs or as a result of wanting to break free from tyranny and oppression.

We are seeing an upheaval of similar struggles by certain groups of the Malaysian political activists especially from a loose coalition of the Opposition parties, NGO’s and HINDRAF.

HINDRAF is an unregistered nationwide movement of Malaysian Hindus led by a few Malaysian Indian Hindu lawyers who feel that they have been sidelined from the national growth by the elected Malaysian Indian Congress Indian ethnic party as a result of being dictated to by UMNO, the main Malay majority political party which dictates to the Barisan Nasional as to how it goes about it’s way in running the Malaysian Indian ethnic affairs?

We all know as to what has taken place since the major HINDRAF rally on Sunday, the 25th of November, 2007 and the subsequent chain of events following it and the arrest of HINDRAF’s main leaders under the Internal Security Act recently.

Personally, I think that the HINDRAF leaders screwed up big time by using the wrong choice of words to state their causes and their preposterous demands for trillions of pounds in compensation from the United Kingdom, Malaysia’s former Colonial Master who were responsible in bringing to then British Malaya, their forefathers as labourers to work in the rubber estates and road builders.

For lawyers to go about using such caustic inciting insensitive terms to castigate the Malays in UMNO and generally insulting the Muslim population of Malaysia by their general accusations of systematic ‘ethnic cleansing’ of the Tamil Hindus here in Malaysia, HINDRAF’s leaders have actually destroyed any chances of them being supported by the general Malaysian people.

The HINDRAF leaders brought about their own downfall from being taken seriously by Malaysians in general as a result of their diarrhea of the lips so to speak!

I know that what they are unhappy about has some grounds in the sense that naturally anyone would be pissed off if their religious places of worship are bulldozed to the ground but surely they should also look into the reasons for such demolishing?

I read about HINDRAF stating that there’s a temple getting demolished by the state authorities every three weeks all over the nation!

Where’s the proof?

Stating something as distressing as that must be backed up by official proof! Since HINDRAF has their own website available, then as learned lawyers, surely they would be capable of backing up their claims with solid evidence and not just hearsay or unfounded allegations that seem more like shooting in the wind blindly!

Another main point that any rational sane person would ask is the legal basis for defending any illegally built structure on land that is not their own or even if the land is their’s , failure to comply with the legislations and local authorities guidelines in raising such religious establishments in the first place?

Surely every law abiding person anywhere in the world would agree that when we live in a country that has laws and regulations covering each and every aspect of living as rightful citizens of their country, we are obliged to submit and adhere to all such rules and agreed principles that are passed by the statutes of their local councils and Parliament.

Failure to follow such laws will see us penalised by the local authorities and such was the state received by all those illegal temples, surau’s and even mosques in this nation.

Until and unless we live on our own private island and have all the legal authority to do as we please in our own private island or kingdom, we have no choice but to live by the laws prevalent upon us by the local government.

To read about tens of thousands of Hindu temples being systematically destroyed by the state governments here in Malaysia is very distressing.

The question is whether this is a fabrication or sensationalization by HINDRAF’s leaders?

If these allegations are false, then the Malaysian Government ought to come out with their white paper on the real situation regarding such demolishings of Hindu temples as per the official records of such actions.

I know that the authorities have destroyed surau’s or mosques in many states on grounds that such surau’s or mosques were built without official permission from the local councils or Islamic authorities as shown by one example here.

I have heard about other religious places such as unregistered churches being penalized for not abiding by the local authority rulings, etc.

Most of us understand the reasons given by the local authorities and the need to have all religious buildings and establishments be built and operated within agreed guidelines and not encroach into the other faith’s radius of establishment.

A matter of ensuring cordial co-existence and not become a source of irritation to the different faith’s adherents as seen in the Kg.Rawa incident in Penang where the Masjid Jamek Kg.Rawa and illegal Hindu temple became a major conflict between Muslims and Hindus due to such establishment of that temple!

HINDRAF’s leaders ought to take all that into consideration before fanning the flames of discontentment amongst their supporters.

We have all lived in relative peace amongst the various ethnics and faiths all these years. I sure hope that we continue to live in understanding and mutual respect in the coming years and till the Last Day, Insya Allah.

Destroying a nation is very easy and Iraq is a glaring proof of that as a result of allowing a modern day neo-colonial superpower such as the United States of America invade and occupy that country whilst flying the banner of ‘Freedom and Liberty’ beguiling the Iraqi masses to shower rose petals upon the invading US army and their allied rogue forces from other nations in the early days of ‘Operation Iraqi Liberation’ @ OIL!

What’s the state of Iraq today?

Total devastation and American Imperialism Unlimited! Who has the power and military strength to stop America today?

Although the Arab nations have been blessed with all the oil wealth by Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala, they are nothing but disunited cowards who only bother about taking care of their own borders and mind their own business unlike Christian nations who have united as a European Union and signed treaties amongst them to safeguard their own interests.

The Arab League and OIC are just a sham. Recalcitrant self opinionated leaders and rulers of the so called Muslim nations who do not have the ability to even pull a nose hair from the nostrils of the warmongering maniac they have over there in the White House of Washington, USA!

Today, we see our own Malaysians rooting for the foreign powers to come interfere and invade our nation just because they aren’t happy with the Barisan Nasional!

I have been saying from day one that to see a change of power here in Malaysia, the only viable platform to do that is through the ballot boxes in the General Elections.

Some of my fellow bloggers disagree and say that it is cowardice to speak like that!

The only ones with balls are the ones who walk the streets with banners and posters decrying the BN dictators and after an hour or so protesting at the top of their voices , return to the comfort of their homes or gather at the coffeehouses or pubs to down a pint or two celebrating their success in socking ‘it’ to the BN!

Really? Has any BN leader committed ‘harakiri’ or jumped from the Putrajaya Ministries as a result of being ‘shamed’ by the protesting grassroots or Opposition political parties so far?

Let’s say we have half a million of Malaysians taking to the streets of this nation and wear all kinds of protest T shirts or unfurl mile long banners or posters pasted all over their bodies condemning every idiot they aren’t happy with and insult them using all the loudest loudhailers we have on the market, does it guarantee any change overnight for us, the Malaysian people?

I think that if we are to see real change take place in the next GE, the learned ones amongst the Malaysian Opposition ought to go about it in the rational, benefiting way.

The IGP is reported to have consented to giving permits for the Opposition parties and NGO’s to hold their talks and forums in stadiums and other avenues if they really want to hold such protests?

I say why not?

If the fear is that the authorities will be able to identify the protesters and come after them later, what difference is there from being videotaped or photographed in the streets and later be arrested for taking part in illegal rallies?

I mean, if they really want to come after us, what is stopping them from tracing us to our homes and serve us the warrant of arrest under whatever act is present and we are guilty of such illegal acts?

Rather than give them grounds to charge us on such irrefutable evidence of wrongful acts, why not go about it using their permits and speak up if we really have the courage and conviction of our beliefs and principles?

I don’t think it’s wise to accuse anyone of anything unless we are really free from faults ourselves.

Who can stand up and say that we are sin free and totally blameless for allowing our nation to become what it is today?

When we see any injustice take place before us, have we done what the Prophet Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam enjoined upon us?

“Whoever among you sees wrongdoing (munkar), let him correct it with his hand. If he is unable to do that, then let him correct it with his tongue. If he is unable to do that, then let him correct it with his heart and there is not a single grain of faith beyond that.”

The way I see it , sadly this is no longer the norm in our country and amongst the people nowadays.

Used to be a situation where Malaysians used to care about each other and advice anyone whom they saw doing anything wrong using wisdom and tact in doing so.

Neighbors cared about their fellow Malaysians and would look out for one another and even put themselves at risk in defending them from any harm. People were sincere back then and held each other in trust no matter that they were from different ethnicities and creed.

Sadly, this is no longer the case today. Malaysians have lost that loving feeling and many have exhibited insincerity towards not only their neighbors but even towards their own family members what more towards their fellow Malaysians!

Breach of trust takes place every so often these days and rising crimes of incest are prevalent amongst the masses especially amongst the Malays.

Even other ethnic Malaysians aren’t that righteous nowadays and socially, every part of our society suffers in one form or the other as a result of the disappearance of such good habits and traditions of yesteryears.

Violent crimes are becoming the norm nowadays and a major cause for this is the fading compassion in our hearts and minds.

We are suffering like these because our rulers and leaders failed to obey the Supreme Constitution of Almighty Allah as laid out in so many verses of the Holy Qur’an.

One such commanding verse is as follows :

104. Waltakun minkum ommatun yadAAoona ila alkhayri waya/muroona bialmaAAroofi wayanhawna AAani almunkari waola-ika humu almuflihoona

104. Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good, enjoining what is right, and forbidding what is wrong: They are the ones to attain felicity.

Surah Al-Imran. Chapter 3 Verse 104.

I don’t have to spell it out but the Malay Sultans and the Prime Ministers of this land have failed to really put this to practice.

Wealth and the spoils of this nation are unfairly being distributed amongst themselves and only a wee fraction is being allocated to the citizens of this country.

Yes, we aren’t as bad as many other nations in the world today but where is the fairness in government?

If we are truly sincere to ourselves and each Malaysian Prime Minister truly honest in their administration, they have to admit that they have not really accomplished what Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala has enjoined upon them?

There still exists a huge disparity between the various ethnicities. The Malaysian grassroots are still left out from getting their fair share of the progress and developments attained by this nation.

I am talking about all ethnicities, not just about the Indians languishing in the estates or the rural Malays who are suffering in the kampong’s.

There are still suffering Malaysian Chinese living in the cities and towns of this nation without proper attention from the elected and appointed officials from the MCA, GERAKAN and other representatives in the BN Malaysian Government.

I dare say that many other ethnicities out there are still left out from getting their fair share of benefits of living under the BN government.

The thing is that even if we have a change in government, is there any guarantee that the new government will be able to provide for all Malaysians?

We might then see the incumbents protesting against the new government just as we are seeing the current protesters from the Opposition parties and NGO’s ribbing the incumbent BN!

At the end of the day, we will all be back at square one.

I hope that the BN Government recognizes that corrections do need to be done in the administration especially at the local councils and grassroot government representations such as the JKKK @ Jawatankuasa Keselamatan dan Kemajuan Kampong in the rural areas and government department and bodies who are responsible towards the welfare of city dwellers.

The BN have been monopolizing power all these years and from the looks of it, will continue doing so in the near future.

Here’s an interesting video I came across in You Tube.

I don’t like the soundtrack used in the video but the relativity of the scenes and contents depicted is what makes me post this clip here for you to see and contemplate as to its meanings?

Do you now see why these fellas in the BN go all out to defend their seats of power?

They don’t give a shit about some estate uncles and kampong pakciks protesting on the streets!

They are happy enough ass kissing anyone they need to in order to continue their lifestyles of the bloody rich and infamous.

To the BN’s leaders, some words of advice.

Grouses from the grassroots need to be given attention appropriately. Rhetoric doesn’t change anything for anyone.

Appointed and elected officials need to buck up and do what they are paid to do exactly and do so in a manner that is fair and unbiased.

If everyone is treated equally and not based upon their skin color, creed or social status, life would not be that frustrating for the protesting masses and overall, the nation will see less strife crop up amongst the population.

At the same time, ethnic leaders must see to it that their community do not go about creating time bombs in our lives by acting irresponsibly by advocating transgressions against the laws and rulings of the local authorities.

The core problem plaguing the Indians are the matter of their illegally built temples facing demolishing by the local and state authorities. The root matter is illegality.

I do not believe that the Malaysian authorities would be so stupid as to go and break down any legally built religious establishment!

That would be committing political suicide. Surely they know that they would be kicked out in the next GE if they did that?

A matter of concern is the high handed manner used by certain members of the FRU, local council enforcement officers and other authorities.

I understand that each member of such security forces face extreme danger in going about their tasks and in the heat of the moment, one can never really guarantee being able to control oneself from acting naturally and be defensive or offensive given the gravity of the circumstances!

You don’t have time to say ‘Excuse me ! Don’t do that!’ when you are facing an enraged violent mob smashing bricks to your face!

What took place in the HINDRAF rally on November the 25th, 2007 was a clear example of things getting out of hand and something that was just waiting to happen as a result of all the racially and religiously fueled speeches made by the HINDRAF leaders to the Indian Hindu masses who gathered around them identifying with the speakers as to their sorry state of affairs plaguing their lives.

So, given the growing resentment amongst the Hindus and the equally displeased Malaysian government authorities, the constant build up by the BERSIH rally before them, enamoured the HINDRAF supporters and their leaders that they too can get away with their protests and they went about it with a vehemence that saw them getting dispersed by force by the FRU and other units of the Malaysian Police Force!

It’s what enforcement officers are trained to do when facing or handling a mob, isn’t it?

Anyway, we all know that HINDRAF leaders are now held under the ISA at Kamunting and the nation is seeing a sense of calmness taking place in society on the surface but I am sure that HINDRAF’s supporters are seething deep within.

Damage control is needed to heal the gaping wounds of the policemen and also those suffered by the protesters.

It is at this moment in time that we need to see the Malaysian Premier show us what he is capable of and stop trying to be a nice guy.

Nice guys don’t make good leaders. A firm, informed, capable leader who is fair towards all is what we need right now.

Whoever holds power and authority today must remember that he will be held accountable for his deeds or misdeeds.

Rewards and punishments are being meted out right before us in our lives and Abdullah Badawi must take into consideration all the views and complaints from us Malaysians and do the right thing for the nation.

The Malaysian Political Diaspora as I see it.

UMNO will continue calling the shots albeit the recent protests and dissatisfactions of the Opposition masses.

MCA will still be doing their thing as they have been doing all these years. They won’t rock the boat so to speak because as far as they are concerned, as long as they can earn a living and live a lifestyle that is acceptable, they are satisfied.

MIC will still be as they are as long as Samy Vellu calls the shots and from the looks of it will die in office as the Works Minister and remain as the MIC President till he kicks the bucket.

Not one MIC leader will dare to oppose the chap for his influence is exactly as what some Tamil films depict. Only when he is not around anymore will the MIC see a relaxed atmosphere amongst its members. At the moment, Big Samy Rulez!

We all know the fate of all his challengers! Right now, all those ass kissing ‘supporters’ who sing King Samy’s praises are theatre performers extraordinaire! I saw a book dedicated to Samy the other day at the MPH Bookstore where only his ‘admirers’ are shown singing praises to him from the cover to the last page in that book which has been published by one of his stolid admirers, a Mrs. Something!

I guess, if the local authorities didn’t have a problem with the erection of statues dedicated to living persons, there’d have been a Samy Vellu Idol right here in Malaysia.

So, that will have to remain a dream for King Samy’s apple polishers. For now.

GERAKAN used to be interesting when Keng Yaik, the machine gun mouthed Senior Minister was running the show. Koh Tsu Koon is too much of a ‘play safe’ chappie who would trip over himself in playing homage to Yang Amat Berhormat, Dato Seri!

As it is , Tsu Koon is not someone you can expect to see any kick ass statements coming from! He’s either too careful or simply does not have it in him to make the headlines with any out of the norm opinions or statements that might cause the paparazzi to flock over him!

Kayveas is one interesting PPP President and I believe to be the only dynamic politician from that party. His words are eagerly awaited by the press and he is known to sock it to them when speaking about matters of the day or with anything that catches his attention and interest!

A daredevil BN Deputy Minister who really deserves a full Ministership given his bravado and courage in tackling sensitive matters that many other leaders of the BN shy away and keep giving the cock and bull excuse of ‘No Comment!’.

He is always in the newspapers for the wrong reasons and his presence is surely good for the nation.

Another notable politician is YB Ong Tee Kiat , who is from the MCA. Tee Kiat and Kayveas are notable Malaysian politicians who are known to speak their minds and getting grilled by the BN Backbenchers for their spunk!

YB Shahrir Samad is also known for his bravado in issuing sensational statements that at times boomerang from within the BN circle and hit the butts of prominent BN politicians just the same!

He quit his BN Backbenchers chairmanship due to such incidents where he questioned the BN more earnestly than even some diehard Opposition nitpickers in the Malaysian Parliament! A politician worthy to take note of?

There are many BN buffoons in Parliament who deserve no mention here. You all know who the hell those clowns are? I don’t wish to see those clown appearing again in the Malaysian Political sphere come the next GE!

If they still get re-elected in their constituencies, there must surely be some monkey business orchestrated by either the Elections Commission or some toyols let loose by some party! What a bloody shame if that tragedy takes place again in our nation.

Crossing over to the Opposition camps.

The DAP are infamous for their anti-Islam stand and they have been consistent from day one of being the nation’s utmost faultfinders with just about anything that the BN government does!

I have yet to see or hear of the DAP contributing anything to the Muslims of this land or to any other people save for protesting with them and raising of banners and issues with the ‘people’. Much good it does to the problems raised by such folks.

PAS is consistent with their call to uphold the Call to establish an Islamic Nation here in Malaysia from day one of their coming into being. You have to give it to them for their commitment.

How do they propose to going about it remains a closely guarded secret for if you were to go ask any Malaysian today especially amongst the Non Muslims, they say that they do not have any idea as to what an Islamic Nation would be like as proposed by PAS?

I think PAS needs to explore more platforms to send across its true plans and programs to all Malaysians. The firewall between them and the masses is for the moment being just solid and too concrete to break through.

PAS leaders need to go about capturing the people’s hearts and minds if they want to break out of that self imposed isolation as a result of certain policies of the past.

I don’t know much about PKR and from what little I have learned about it is that I know many of its leaders right now to be has beens from UMNO and young political aspirants with grandiose dreams of power, fame and fortune. Good luck!

You read about all these in Malaysiakini and wonder it this is all that the Malaysian Political Diaspora have to offer?

I sure hope that Malaysiakini doesn’t end up being known as the ‘Bad News Brown‘ of the alternative media.

The English version of HARAKAH, the PAS official media that has more bad news than positive ones any given day.

I look forward to reading or viewing positive feedback from Malaysiakini in the future because if we really want to , we can see such aspects of our Malaysian realities at the same moment that we look out for all that takes place here.

Malaysia Today is as always a brew of all kinds of opinions and mix and match of blog postings, news reports and just about anything under the sun that any disgruntled Malaysian cyber commentator has to unload and unleash unto its readers. To each their own, I say.

The Opposition would do well to behave in a manner that shows whether they deserve being given a chance to rule over us and as to whether they have the capability to be better than the BN?

As long as we don’t see anyone capable of winning over our hearts and minds by coming out with a rational, reasonable, practical manifesto, I for one will not be endorsing any Ahmad, Ah Seng or Samy!

I live in Cheras so you know that any anti-Islam chappie surely won’t be getting my vote!


I am a Muslim and I love my faith above anything else.

Innad Deen na ind Allah hal Islam!

Verily before Allah the only Faith accepted is Islam.

Even then, as a Muslim, I am also commanded by Almighty Allah to be the best towards my fellow human beings and Alhamdulillah, I have yet to come to a stage where I hate someone based purely on the matter of his or her belief which is not Islam.

Hate is a fundamental human reaction and one would be a bloody hypocrite if one says that one doesn’t hate, perse.

I do not like certain individuals for the way they behave, act and spew out certain statements and opinions without due cause or the need to?

Yet, I don’t lose sleep over such beings because it would be a total waste of my time in doing so.

I love meaningful engagements with decent folks who even when they do not ascribe to what Islam stands for still have it in them to discuss and dialog with myself in a proper manner.

We can agree to disagree on anything. That’s the measure of being a decent human being otherwise we would be no better than an uncultured riff raff.

As we go about in trying to see a change in our beloved nation, I ask that we do not end up in a worse off situation than what we currently are in. That’s all.

I hope that’s not too much to ask or hope for?

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