June 12, 2022


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Americans Speak With Forked Tongue – Najib

For once I am pleased with Najib’s candor -telling the Americans to practice what they preach!

Reading about the Americans asking Malaysia to accord the HINDRAF leaders held under the Internal Security Act @ ISA full protection under the Malaysian law, be given due process, accorded all rights as per any other citizen and all these be carried out in a speedy transparent manner!” makes me wanna puke!

I have always figured Washington to be full of self righteous double speaking neo-colonialists but to see them issue such a call is simply a vain attempt at being exemplary symbols of democracy gone not only stale but bloody rotten on their side!

Najib hit it right square on their head when he asked the Americans to please do the same to the Muslim captives they are holding at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba without trial!

Now, if that ain’t the American ISA, then I don’t see why the Americans need to speak with a forked tongue and ask us to handle our own Homeland Security matters in a manner that we know best?

Talk about doublespeak and hypocritical foolhardiness!

It’s a matter of knowing when not to interfere in other nation’s business and minding one’s own internal affairs first before getting so bloody itchy to meddle in other countries problems!

As it is America has long lost it’s locus standi to speak about fairness and democracy when it is the perpetrator of so many wars and massacre of civilian populations of so many sovereign countries all around the world.

Americans have killed more human beings than any other nations of the world under the pretext of liberating them from their ‘dictators’.

Latest on their list of murdered democracies is the nation of Iraq!

America atom bombed the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, obliterating hundreds of thousands of innocent Japanese civilians in World War 2.

America massacred millions of Vietnamese under pretext of fighting against the Communist forces of Northern Vietnam.

America carpet bombed Afghanistan and reduced the already impoverished nation back to the stone age, so to speak!

I can keep going on but I guess my message has already been said. Well done USA!

As for the local threat to our Malaysian National Security, please let us handle our own home grown headaches.

If America really wants to do Malaysia a huge favor, by all means you can have all the HINDRAF chaps and bring them over to the US of A.

You might also might to want to airlift the rest of the supporters home to the States as what good are such HINDRAF leaders without their merry men and women?

By the way, don’t forget to set them up with a million bucks each to make up for all the 50 years that they have suffered under the hands of the UMNO dictators of Malaysia!

There’s another matter of allocating some real estate but I will let it slide.

Tch..tch..tch..naughty, naughty Malaysia. How can you treat such fine folks this way?

Tell you what Pak Lah? Just sign them over to ‘Uncle Sam’.

They will have a glorious future over there!

Isn’t that what America is all about?

The land of opportunity and the home of the brave -cuckoo called George Wacko Bush Jr!

He who choked on a bloody pretzel and would have almost saved the whole wide world the trouble of having another mindless and uncalled for war which the idiot is trying to instigate against the Iranians?

I bet that Mrs.Clinton might give Dubya a real hard time if they were ever to engage in a Presidential debate!

If she can survive having her husband two time her and stolidly declare to the whole wide amused world that he did not have sexual relations with that woman called Monica Lewinsky, she sure would have no problems dealing with Wacko Bush Jr.!

Poor George would be bloody clueless as to what to say until and unless someone coaches him over the wireless!

Now, that would be more appropriate for the Americans to handle rather than go about the world trying to teach others as to how to run their affairs?

Wouldn’t it?

Good one Najib!

If only our Premier had some of your spunk?

They say that Najib has a backseat driver telling him what to say or do?

If he really spoke on his own accord as reported here, then better tell that ‘backseat driver’ to watch it lest he pulls a stunt as what Adnan Yaacob has been alleged to have done?