April 23, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

HINDRAF – The Suara Rakyat Mahaguru58 interviews # 1

Sometimes it gets a bit boring to listen to politicians and government officials yak yakkety yak away on the current issues affecting us Malaysians.

Since I now have access to audio visual recording equipment in the form of our Nikon C200 Coolpix digital camera, I did what I have always wanted to do, go around conducting live interviews with my fellow Malaysians about current issues that concern all of us.

I was at Jalan Masjid India day before yesterday and I came across many interesting individuals there. At the centre of Jalan Masjid India was a Malay drama production company shooting a scene and there were a few familiar drama actors and actresses performing.

One of them was Malay drama actor Fadhil Dani. I took the opportunity to interview him after takes and this is what he has to say about the latest developments concerning all Malaysians especially about the HINDRAF rally that took place last November the 25th, 2007.

I believe that Fadhil spoke very fairly and without bias. Among his statements were that it’s the right of the Malaysians to demonstrate and show the Malaysian Government that they were not happy with certain things concerning their life’s here in this land but to go about it in a decent manner.

I have also interviewed other Indians from India and a fellow Malaysian brother who is a Hindu about the same topics.

I hope that all Malaysians will be treated with fairness and allowed to share their views and raise their grouses to the attention of the Malaysian Government albeit in a non racist, non violent approach.

The powers that be ought to check into the matters raised by the people and show the Malaysian public the truth backed up with facts and counter the allegations of HINDRAF in a manner that is fair and fitting.

HINDRAF leaders must also retract insensitive statements that are insulting to the Muslim Malays community of this nation that is so evident in their choice of words in their numerous memorandums.

Respect goes both ways. If we conduct ourselves in a manner that is honorable, the ones acting ruthlessly will come to be known as the transgressors otherwise whatever reasonable causes that we fight for in any name will be rendered useless as we breached the code of conduct of what peaceful protesters ought to observe and put to practice.

Violence begets violence and insults almost always earn the same from the ones we inflict it upon.

At the end of the day, we must all realize that today, there are advanced audio visual recording equipments all around us and in the possession of almost everyone who happens to be at any event or incident.

One can’t escape from being held accountable for what one says in the heat of the moment. Uthayakumar, the HINDRAF leader has said many things that can be held against him as going against national security or interests.

He gives a different version or interpretation of what he means by ‘ethnic cleansing’ in his interview with Soon Li Tsin, a fellow blogger who is also one of Malaysiakini‘s journalists in the interview here.

It is cases like these that I am referring to as to watch what one says in the heat of the moment for it reeks of racial bias and hatred just as much as what Uthayakumar accuses UMNO of?

HINDRAF must remember and take precautions in not burning down this nation in a moment of madness when consumed with rage at certain situations that have caused their community members so much sufferings for so long.

Malaysia is our home and all Malaysians, no matter what ethnic one belongs to, ought to learn to live and let live. Failure to control one’s emotions will only see further bloodshed and the future of this country be held to ransom by marauding masses.

I am sure we do not wish to see our country go up in flames just because some fumbling fool in power does not know how to handle certain issues as demanded by HINDRAF and their likes.

Democracy needs to be protected and preserved by all parties especially by those who are capable of stirring the masses with their fiery speeches and learn that with great power comes greater responsibilities!

Yeah…that is part of a script that the fictional movie character Spiderman utters but which is relevant to the role being played out by HINDRAF’s leaders.

Anyway, let’s all stay in control of our emotions and keep Malaysia safe for all. Ameen.

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