April 13, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Singapore-Malaysia-Myanmar Protesters Story – A Study

In the first video, we see how south of the Malaysian Peninsular, in the Republic of Singapore, a first world economy, the Singapore Police handle protesters with the most restraint and refrain from manhandling the dissenters with so much patience and courtesy.

Really amazing to see such control of emotions on the young Singaporean Police officers who exercise quite a remarkable manner of handling such persistent Singaporeans who despite living in an economy that is the envy of the rest of South East Asia still find their existence in the first world republic intolerable and protest against the PAP run government of Singapore!

Well, maybe Singaporeans reading this might be able to share with us as to why and what they are protesting against?

We now move up from Singapore and evaluate what took place here in Kuala Lumpur on the 25th of November, 2007 where Malaysian Indians protested under HINDRAF, the Hindu Rights Action Force, which pulled off the largest gathering of Hindus protesting against the way they claim they are being deprived of certain rights as equal citizens of Malaysia and chose to battle it out with the Malaysian Police who unlike their Singapore counterparts showed that they meant business when they received their orders to clear the streets and to take action against the protesters.

Malaysian Police are one up against their Singaporean Brothers and Sisters in Arms when tackling street demonstrators. As Singaporean famous Mediacorp comedian Gurmit Singh @ Phua Chu Kang would say, ” Don’t play play aaa!”

Malaysian Police mean business and they kick ass when they have to.

Crossing the border of Malaysia-Thailand, we take a look at the recent Burmese monks protests against the Myanmar Military rulers.

Now, these chaps really mean business when they shoot to kill street protesters, no matter if it is the common people or saffron colored robes clad Buddhist monks?

The Burmese people are really living a life that if offered to both the Malaysian protesters or the Singaporeans protesting down there, will back out and say, ” No thank you!”

So, I am just thinking aloud, as to the different qualities of life for us Malaysians, Singaporeans and the Burmese folks?

The Malaysian Indians protesting against the UMNO political party would need to think about the way the monks and civilians in Burma were decimated without a bat of the military’s eyelids!

The Singaporean protesters could maybe take a look at how Malaysians protesting on the streets of KL got their asses whupped and even lift their binoculars further up and check out the state of Burmese protesters who ended up dead and missing from the living?

Different countries, different priorities, eh?

Malaysiakini has the stories. Check it out as to the state of affairs concerning the protests in Myanmar, Malaysia and the Republic of Singapore?

Sometimes, the grass is not actually any greener than where we stand! Check out other pastures or hellholes against what we have right now?

Only those who have lived through the initial changes from the have not’s to the have’s and the had lost everything such as the Burmese would know to count their blessings before they get lost in the world of protesting and disappear into the statistics?


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