April 23, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

HINDRAF should work with MIC to solve their problems.



Mr.V.Ganabatirau who was arrested detained and locked up and later released at about 4.00p.m has vowed to continue his legal and peaceful struggle against the racist, malaysupremacist and Islamic extremist UMNO led Malaysian government’s 50 years of marginalisation and permanent colonialisation of the mere 8% politically, socially and economically suppressed, oppressed and marginalised for 50 years ethnic minority Indians in Malaysia.

Thank you,
Yours Faithfully,

Legal Adviser


It is headlines and statements like these which are creating an uneasy feeling between the majority of the Malaysian public especially amongst the Malay Muslim majority, the Barisan Nasional Coalition Government of Malaysia and HINDRAF which continues to fan or stoke the embers of racial and religious strife within our nation.

Where is these kind of inflammatory talk leading to? Do we need to see more blood being spilt or this time around, life’s lost?

No doubt, we all acknowledge that what HINDRAF is asking for is reasonable in certain areas but to blatantly keep on publishing and posting inflammatory statements and headlines such as above is surely a worrying sign that HINDRAF is not seeking a diplomatical end to their cause but a purely confrontational approach against the UMNO led, MCA , MIC and other political parties coalition
Government of Malaysia!

Is this wise on the part of their leaders especially learned lawyers who spearhead the abrasive modus operandi adopted by the Hindu Rights Action Force?

Is negotiations and non violent, non confrontational meetings with the BN government out of the question for HINDRAF?

Has Samy Vellu refused to entertain or meet the HINDRAF leaders?

I read today’s statements by the Malaysian Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan stating that he had offered alternative venues such as stadiums, civic halls, etc to the organizers of the rally but they refused on the grounds that they wanted onlookers to join them in the march to the British high Commissioner at Jalan Ampang on the 25th of November, 2007 which ended in tragedy where some HINDRAF supporters and the Malaysian police officers got seriously injured in the skirmishes.

The Malaysian Indians in HINDRAF really need to have a pow wow with the Malaysian Indian Congress and come to a solution that is acceptable to all.

Since the MIC is a senior member of the BN coalition Government, surely they can use their position in the Malaysian Cabinet to see to it that the grouses of the Malaysian Indian grassroots are attended to promptly.

From the way HINDRAF is complaining that the BN Government has failed to take care of their community since the last 50 years , we need to look into what the MIC has not done for them since Independence?

The MIC has been a major partner of the BN Government since day 1 of the coalition government coming into being!

Instead of HINDRAF taking to the streets with its supporters now, wouldn’t it be more fitting for HINDRAF to rally its supporters and go see Samy Vellu and the Malaysian Indian Congress for failing to distribute the allocations and budgets shared by the BN Government amongst its members?

Don’t tell us that all these years, the MIC has been withholding funds and allocations that surely Samy Vellu and his MIC party must have received for being part of the Malaysian Government?

If the MIC is an Opposition party such as PAS, the DAP or PKR, we can understand that certain funds and allocations for projects in their constituencies would have a funny way of not reaching the coffers or accounts of the Opposition MP’s for the projects to be started or launched!

This has been the modus operandi of the BN since they started ruling Malaysia. Ask the Opposition MP’s and State Assemblymen or women?

Yet in this case, we see the Malaysian Indians in HINDRAF sort of missing the forest for the trees and chasing after the BN Government especially UMNO and putting on the blinkers on their members and supporters to go on the warpath of confrontational approaches with such inciting battlecries of ‘racist Malay supremacists and Islamic terrorists‘?

This is seriously unfair and ungrounded for HINDRAF to behave in such a way!

As a Muslim, I have yet to hear of a concerted effort of UMNO’s part in victimizing the Malaysian Indians what more of their fellow partner in the Barisan Nasional’s senior main ally in the MIC?

How can HINDRAF say that?

If it is true that the Indians have been so marginalized and oppressed in all areas especially in religious matters by the ‘Malay racist, supremacist, Islamist terrorist UMNO led BN Government, would they have allowed that tallest Murugan statue in the world in Batu Caves to be built?

Take a tour of our nation’s religious establishments through all states. Don’t tell me that you won’t find Hindu temples all over the country?

I mean, let’s be fair. HINDRAF is not being realistic here. They should be liaising with the MIC on all their grouses for the MIC is part of the BN government and whatever that HINDRAF is not happy about with the BN, should be discussed and demanded settlements and solutions by working with the MIC instead of resorting to confrontations with the authorities.

What is the MIC for?

Aren’t they the ones who are supposed to be the main government channel for Malaysian Indians to seek and get whatever they want for their community?

Do we not have avenues for finding peaceful solutions to HINDRAF’s demands?

I worry that if HINDRAF keeps going this way, we will only see a worse nightmare unfold right before our very eyes here for all Malaysians in the near future.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department for National Unity, Datuk Dr. Maximus James Ongkili, says that HINDRAF has never made attempts to meet the National Unity Advisory Panel to seek solutions over their grouses.

So, HINDRAF, please realize that there are still many avenues for you to seek solutions for your problems.

Try to seek peaceful means to solve your woes, instead of using Gandhi’s poster as your chosen symbol but come not an inch to the way and manner by which Gandhi strove for his cause to free India from the British Raj.

You are not anywhere being colonial subjects as were the Indians in India during the British colonial rule there.

You are learned individuals who can go about achieving your goals and aspirations the cultured way instead of having to face the FRU on the streets.

You have studied and graduated as lawyers, become professionals and reached a milestone that oppressed people would never have achieved if you are truly being marginalized by UMNO as you are accusing them of?

I am speaking as a fellow Malaysian Muslim and just being rational here discussing the issue as a Malaysian Blogger. Do not misinterpret that Mahaguru58 has turned UMNO spokesman! 😛

Instead of rallying the masses to fight the government, HINDRAF’s leaders would do better to rally the Indians to be more self-sufficient and improve their lot in areas of education, small businesses, enterprises and other meaningful pursuits.

Demand for such opportunities from the MIC which in turn will demand it from the Malaysian Cabinet. If you want it, you surely can find ways and avenues to get it.

Surely that is a more suitable way to improve the living conditions for the Indians and other communities here in our nation instead of having to go get teargassed and acid laced baths in the streets of our nation’s capital?

I ask that Malaysians from all walks of life use the ballot box if you aren’t happy with the government. This is the best way to obtain political power and attain what you wish for?

Anyway, I can only write here what I see as right and hope that things will improve for our nation from now on. If you want to know more, head on over to Malaysiakini for the latest updates.

I am sure that the general Malaysian Indian community are open to seeking solutions to their needs through dialogs and other peaceful means.

Let the MIC do their jobs right and work to solve your problems for you instead of forcing yourselves to resort to street protests to find a way out of your current predicaments.

May commonsense and goodwill prevail over all Malaysians especially in the hearts and minds of our fellow Malaysians in HINDRAF and in the MIC.

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