September 23, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Zorro Impersonator has pulled a fast one on me!

To Bernard Khoo a.k.a. Zorro,

My sincere apologies bro.

I have become a victim of an impersonator who has posted a comment here in my blog using your id @ zorro .

I know you personally and was pleasantly surprised to see ‘your comment’ appear in my comment moderation inbox and also in my Gmail account as I subscribe to their comment notification system as well.

I have always respected you dear Bernard as a fellow blogger and your being amongst the All Blogs senior members.

I had posted ‘your comment’ as a whole new article and done so as a matter of respect to you.

I have never had to use anyone as my mouthpiece and that posting was done as a gesture of camaraderie, on the spur of the moment.

When I returned home after dinner and saw your email asking me to delete that posting and your denial of being the author of that comment, I immediately deleted the posting and did a background check on the ‘zorro’ profile.

Imagine my dismay to see a blank profile and realized my being had by that idiot!

My sincere apologies to you Brother Bernard Khoo and to all your readers for the terrible mistake that this impersonator of yours had caused me to make.

This is the reason why, I am now going to strictly vet and double check any comments from now on coming my way and delete anonymous comments or by those who have nothing but a blank profile to show as to who they are or claim to be.

I also would like to tender a sincere apology to Malaysiakini for unwittingly causing them to be a fellow victim of this ‘zorro’ impersonator.

To the impersonator using the ‘zorro‘ id, I ask that you stop doing this nonsense.

Bloggers like us here in Malaysia are doing our fellow Malaysians a selfless service in disseminating information that the mainstream media does not show or highlight like the BN Assemblyman assaulting the PAS Assemblyman at the Kelantan State Assembly as I have shared here in my blog.

By your masquerading as ‘zorro’, you have inadvertently caused us unnecessary harm and mischief by raising doubts about our integrity.

Be aware that each and every deed that we do is being recorded by the Malaikats Raqib and Atid and what you have done is very wrong.

I pray that you will receive your rightful retribution soon.

Bernard! Sorry once again.

I produce herewith the profile which the impersonator has used .

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