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BN State Assemblyman assaults PAS Assemblyman in Kelantan!

KOTA BHARU, 27 Nov 2007.

The dignity of the Kelantan State Assembly was violated by BN (Paloh) Assemblyman Dato’ Nozula Mat Diah assaulting PAS Assemblyman Mohd Zaki Ibrahim (PAS Kelaboran) in the State Assembly session yesterday!

This outrageous act of gangsterism was caught on video and broadcasted live on the PAS Web TV that has never failed to broadcast each and every Kelantan State Assembly session unlike the BN’s failure to show us the Malaysian citizens the monkey business that takes place without fail in Parliament!

Will you see this criminal act by one of the BN’s Assemblyman being even mentioned by the nation’s mainstream mass media or broadcast every few minutes by RTM as they did with their propaganda clip showing the Batu Burok incident where agent provocateurs succeeded in turning a peaceful BERSIH rally into one of this country’s most tragic incidents where two PAS members were seriously injured by live shooting from an undercover FRU agent!

No sirree! The cat will grow horns before RTM has the balls to show the nation this blatant act of gangsterism by one of the BN UMNO’s ‘ KURANG AJAR‘ idiot who does not deserve the honorific of ‘Yang Berhormat’ being addressed to him by the Kelantan State Assembly Speaker!

‘Yang Berhormat’ my foot! Such a belligerent moron does not deserve to be allowed to escape prosecution!

This incident started when Dato’ Mohd Zain Ismail (BN-Bukit Tuku) wasn’t satisfied with the answer given by the Chairman of the Committee of Trade, Industry and Human Resources, Zulkifli Mamat with regard to a question about the progress of the Afta City Rantau Panjang projectand told that the project has been called off.

“The problem now is that the state government would like to correct the statement that a state exco was present in the officiating ceremony of that project. We would like to correct the statement containing the accusation from YB (Nozula).

We do not want the elected Representative to bring idle gossip and table it in this Assembly. Is rectifying an incorrect statement wrong?” asked Zulkifli followed by the thumping of tables by several Assemblymen.

The words of Zulkifli enraged Nozula who got up and retorted that zulkifli’s answer was stupid and considered the state government accusing the BN Kelantan Opposition as dumb and ignored the Speaker’s call upon him to sit!

“Let me speak after this!” demanded Nozula in a rough manner ignoring calls by the Speaker to him to sit down.

Things heated up when Nozula took offense at Zaki Ibrahim (PAS Kelaboran) when Zaki asked the BN Rep. to apologize to the Assembly for being rude to the Speaker and the general assembly.

“You are the rude one!” replied Nozula as he rushed towards Zaki and as the whole world can see in the clip above kicked Zaki in the full view of everyone in the Kelantan State Assembly without giving a damn about the consequences!

Such is the criminal gangster behavior of UMNO Kelantan’s Paloh BN Assemblyman who is not only rude but needs to be kicked out of the State Assembly!

In the 21st November State Assembly session, Nozula had been suspended from attending the assembly by the Speaker under the State Assembly Rule 51.3 for refusing to follow orders and acting outrageously during the assembly.

Will RTM or any of the main television broadcasting stations have any integrity to show the Malaysian nation this outrageous ‘kurang ajar’ episode by one of the BN’s State Assemblyman?

You can rest assured that if such an event ever take place, the Information Minister Zainudin Maidin’s hair will turn blond before it does!

Thank God for You Tube and this internet for this chance for us to show you the real deal with the state of affairs in Kelantan where UMNO’s Assemblyman assaults a PAS Assemblyman at will and without a care against any repercussions!

I hope this clip is shown by Malaysiakini without delay. Let the whole world see for themselves as to the quality or lack of it in their BN Paloh Assemblyman and whether the people in his unfortunate constituency would want to have such an idiot represent them again?

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