April 13, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

HINDRAF – Malaysian Indians Political Renaissance

You can’t help but notice the tremendous rallying of Malaysian Indians to HINDRAF’s call to them to lend support to their cause of fighting for their rights to be given attention by both the Malaysian government and that of the former British Colonial masters who brought their forefathers from India to work here in then British Malaya as coolies and estate workers in the early 1950’s.

This renaissance of the Malaysian Indian population is the result of polarization of the Indian ethnicity of Malaysia’s multi ethnic, multi faithed population that has been the root cause of their current uprising.

All these while, the BN Government has been playing dice with the rights and conveniently neglected their obligations to deal justly with the three main ethnicities who make up the bulk of Malaysians.

It is only the connected and privileged ones amongst the Barisan Nasional major coalition party leaders and top members who have been freeloading on the bulk of this nation’s economic pie and willfully ignore the plight of the poverty ridden minorities in the rural areas and estates of this nation.

It is true as what Abdullah Badawi says that there exists rich and poor people amongst all the various races living here in Malaysia but he damn well forgets that as the Prime Minister of this country, it has now become his bloody responsibility to see to it that he stops spewing rhetoric and start taking care of ALL Malaysians, irrespective of their creed and skin color!

People are suffering from lack of official attention and deep rooted corruption permeating in all levels of government especially when it comes to equal distribution of government aid and opportunities to all the grassroot levels of the Malaysian populace.

We all know that certain committee members of the hundreds of thousands of JKKK @ Jawatankuasa Kebajikan dan Keselamatan Kampong or the relevant Jawatankuasa Rukun Tetangga commit CBT @ Criminal Breach of Trusts in distributing any government aid that comes their way and they swallow it all up amongst themselves and fail to rightfully share it out amongst the poverty ridden people of their kampongs and neighborhoods.

The resulting imbalance of social responsibility results in poor families suffering much more severely when the main income earner of the poor households finds it even harder to make ends meet as a result of growing costs of living as a result of rising prices of the basic necessities in conjunction with the government’s measures to stay on par with the market’s fluctuations.

Funds that were intended to help poor families to stave off the impacts of inflation in their lives are gobbled up by the corrupt local rural councils and village committees.

All these dissatisfactions give birth to rising resentment amongst the lowly paid, lowly educated rural folks who in turn fall victim to all kinds of escapist measures such as get involved with alcoholism, drug abuse and petty crime in order to drown their sorrows away.

Absenteeism, gang activities, sex related crimes, prostitution, abuse and all other kinds of social maladies emerge as a temporary release for the frustrated grassroot levels especially amongst the poor Malaysians living in such heartbreaking conditions who yearn for a way out or seek help from concerned bodies and organizations who are willing to spare them some thought or offer them a way out.

HINDRAF comes to the aid of the dissatisfied and disillusioned Malaysian Indians who have been neglected by the Malaysian Indian Congress top officials who are content to line up their own nests with the privileges they enjoy as being the top coalition members of the Barisan Nasional Government of Malaysia.

Whether the leaders of HINDRAF have hidden agendas or vested interests to garner political power to further their own causes is not of concern to the Malaysian Indian masses as demonstrated in their willingness to gather in support of the Malaysian Indian lawyers who have formed this pressure group to demand fair and equal rights be accorded to the Malaysian Indians.

These are the Malaysian Indians whom everyone in authority and political power seemed to conveniently choose to overlook all these 50 long years of achieving Independence from the British Masters but still remain shackled by the chains of poverty and official government neglect as a result of the corrupt lower level government representatives in the form of the JKKK @ Village Committees and Rukun Tetangga @ Neighborhood Watch.

So, to me, this emergence of HINDRAF comes across as a renaissance of the true Malaysian Indians grassroots political uprising. MIC are in for the wake up call of their lives when the grassroot supporters of HINDRAF all over the Malaysian nation rally in support of its newfound leaders in the lawyers who make up the leadership of HINDRAF.

Concerned Muslims are also aware of the emergence of HINDRAF as a worrying trend of Hindu religious extremists such as those found in the Rashtriya Swayam Sewak Sangh @ RSSS of India who use the temples issues to seize power and land from erecting illegal temples and then demand legalized alternative sites in exchange for the demolishing of their illegal sites in the long run.

Thus, the people of Malaysia need to look deep into the root causes of all these latest developments.

It all boils down to corruption at the lowest rungs of the prevailing government.

Once you clean up the roots, the tree will flourish and bear enough fruits to be shared and enjoyed by all.

May Malaysians learn to differentiate between political manipulations, racial incitements and official corruption in dealing with these challenging times.

We are all first and foremost fellow Malaysians. We grew up with each other. Our blood is the same color and we feel the same pain, same emotions, same happiness and same despair.

Do not let race and religious issues cloud our judgments and pit us against each other. As the Children of Adam, we are all brothers and sisters.

Learn to live together in relative peace and harmony and focus on the main issues. Corrupt officials.

Learn to vote wisely this time around and get rid of all the unnecessary barnacles and freeloaders sucking the juices out of this golden land we all call home.

May peace be upon us all. Ameen.

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