April 23, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Malaysian Hospital’s Post Surgical Momento – Have a free forceps!

Malaysian hospitals never fail to set outstanding records for the wrong reasons nowadays.

Such records however almost always never make it to our national mainstream media because of the embarrassing achievements by our bumbling surgical teams operating from the government hospitals.

Really! Chances are that if you opt to have yourself operated on in the government hospitals, there is a very good chance of you getting an extra gift in the form of surgical instruments to carry home in your person.

We have heard of horror stories of patients discovering a forgotten piece of cotton swab, suture needles, tubings and other surgical items being absent mindedly stitched into their persons by worn out surgical teams in such government hospitals before but this unbelievable post surgical discovery by Malaysian nurse Madam Kalaiyarasi Perumal, 44, from Johor Bahru found out after 49 days of undergoing a hysterectomy surgery at Hospital Sultanah Aminah that a 20cm long surgical steel pair of artery forceps had been left in her stomach by the surgical team who operated on her, surely breaks all previous records of Malaysian General Hospitals surgical blunders!

I don’t know about you but it gives me the shivers all over my body to even imagine the horrendous pain and sufferings this poor lady must have gone through?

When I read this report from The Electric New Paper, the term ‘shiver me timbers’ couldn’t even come close to imagining the terrible pain Madam Kalaiyarasi Perumal went through for all those 49 long days and nights!

She surely has every legal grounds available in the book to sue the balls off the hospital and its surgical team for the unbelievable surgical blunder that I have heard happening here for quite a long, long time!

How can a surgical team forget such a big piece of instrument that surely must have been accounted for before starting the operation and how did the team close up on her without accounting for the missing pair of 20cm long stainless steel forceps?

If this blunder had taken place in the USA or UK, the surgical team would definitely have been punished by their legal system and millions of dollars be compensated to her, but since this catastrophe took place in ‘tidak apa land’, Madam Kalaiyarasi can only make do with a lame ‘I am sorry’ by the superstar who operated on her and left her a special Deepavali gift!

A gift that made her suffer endless excruciating bout of continuous vomiting and writhing in pain all those 49 miserable days and nights.

I say to Madam Kalaiyarasi ‘Teach those blundering team a lesson’. There are certain things you could just forgive and forget but such a blunder?

No way jose!

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