May 9, 2022


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Malaysian Photojournalist (new) requirement -Master Self-Defense!

I refer to this sickening turn of events in our Malaysian political scene as reported by Jeff Ooi and photos provided by the Malaysia Chinese Photojournalists Association of a Malaysian photojournalist being punched up by the Cheras UMNO members who didn’t like the presence of the Cheras DAP MP Tan Kok Wai who dared to hold a press conference in the ‘lion’s den’ @ UMNO Cheras Headquarters at Jalan Peel, recently!

Photo shows the Cheras UMNO members roughing up DAP MP Tan Kok Wai ( the one in white) and the others.
They say that a picture is worth thousands of words. What other evidence do the police need to press charges against the assaulter here? As clear as it can be!

Another clear shot of the punching of the photojournalist! The Malaysian Chinese photojournalists are really good! They get the best shots and freeze frame it so clearly!

“Ah Wai aa! What the hell were you thinking? Purposely looking for your ass to be kicked, eh?”

Sometimes, MP’s can do the most stupid things in their day to day political agenda.

Anyway, let’s get to my main points. The new requirement for Malaysian photojournalists.

Those who are thinking of becoming a photojournalist here in Malaysia, must seriously go and master any form of self defense!

Really! I am not joking. It could be a case of your life or death!

From the way things are unfolding before us here in this calm in the mainstream media, stormy realities surfacing in the alternative news portals, I can’t help but pity those who are photojournalists trying to get a media scoop in the fast turning volatile Malaysian political climate for having to suffer punch up’s by the nation # 1, master political party!

Cheras UMNO members must have been practicing quite hard at the punching bags and now have proven to the unfortunate Guangming Daily photojournalist Koh Chun Seng that he seriously needs to go master Shaolin Kung Fu, Jeet Kune Do or any other martial arts before venturing out on his next assignment!

I suppose that business is going to pick up for all of our nation’s martial arts centres after this episode and the world of Silat, Kung Fu, Tae Kwan Do, Karate, Kalari Payat in Malaysia will be experiencing a surge of revival in the interests of the media industry folks who have now no other options but to take self protection very seriously!

Polytikus @ Soon Li Tsin, my blogging friend and Malaysiakini journalist, please go and learn to kick ass as part and parcel of your job requirements now. We don’t wanna hear of you getting roughed up as we can see how rough the next GE’s campaign is going to be!

Malaysian photojournalists will now need to ask their respective news companies extra allocation for self-defense classes.

What about body armor and other paraphernalia of self protection?

Is the physical threat to our journalists going to force them to be suited up like the FRU when they have to out on assignments as the GE draws nearer?

GERAK GEMPUR by the BN surely is being practiced literally and from the looks of it, the fellas surely mean it!

Looks like as Malaysians pass the 50th anniversary of our nation’s Independence, the political scenario however seems to return to the days of old when power was attained from battles fought out in the arenas where gladiators whacked each other senseless and had to kill each other so that their political masters had their way over the masses!

I guess, that we will just have to go with the flow! Whatever will be, will be.

Anyway, I do hope that those of us Malaysians who love this country learn to appreciate the peace that we have now and stop resorting to fisticuffs!

It’s not right! Try to practice diplomacy and common sense. The DAP MP must be reprimanded by the DAP Central Committee for foolishly putting himself and others life’s at risk by going to hold his press conference in the Cheras UMNO’s Headquarters to condemn them!

If that is not purposeful provocation, what cock and bull excuse is Tan Kok Wai going to give for his stupid choice of location for the press conference?

Agenda Daily, however has a different view to what took place there. Click here to read their side of the incident. Agenda Daily is an UMNO web news portal. So you get to read both sides and draw your own conclusions.
UMNO Cheras Secretary Mohd Idrus Mohd Isah explains that he and other UMNO Cheras members saw the DAP Cheras MP bringing several reporters and photojournalists to their place and heard Tan Kok Wai pass some remarks that were insulting and thus had to go confront the trespassing DAP MP and ask him to leave the place to avoid unnecessary trouble.

We need to be fair and listen to both sides, don’t you think so?

This is the UMNO Cheras Headquarters which was the place of the incident where the DAP Cheras MP went looking for trouble!

Surely, he went there seeking a confrontation with the UMNO members as he had uttered condemning words at UMNO and its leaders in the presence of the mainly Chinese news reporters and photojournalists who had laughed at his comments which touched on Altantuya, Najib, UMNO being corrupt and other sensitive matters!

Talk about stirring the hornets nest! Kok Wai surely asked for it and the photojournalist got caught in the fray! Clear case of intentional provocation by Kok Wai and group.

The police reports made by the assaulted Guangming Daily photojournalist.

Koh Chun Seng,
Learn from this episode and avoid unnecessary harm to yourself by checking out the location of the press conference. If you see the location to be hazardous to your personal safety and health, advice the unwise person who called for the press conference to adjourn to other safe locations.

Hope you brush up on your Chinese Kung Fu too and get well soon!