April 23, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Post BERSIH Rally – Sweep away the Abdullah Badawi regime with broom time!

Is it a coincidence that Selangor Menteri Besar Dr.Khir Toyo was ‘inspired’ to come up with the ‘broom award’ for incompetent local councils as a way to insult them publicly into action?

Well, it seems that the ‘broom award’ can also backfire on our dentist Selangor Chief Minister who is not exactly ‘squeaky clean’ himself when it comes to questionable practices especially when it concerns his ‘double standards’ in dealing with the scandal riddled Klang Exco Datuk Zakaria with his ‘illegal palace’ in the rural village area of Pandamaran which the ‘broom award giver’ recently graced with his presence at Zakaria’s Hari Raya feast!

The broom also signifies that it is high time for the Malaysian voting public to sweep away all the current regime’s candidates into the trash bins of this nation’s political tyrants and despots without fail for their messing up the country with all their unchallengeable misdeeds condoned by the uncleanest of them all, the formerly celebrated Mr.Clean, PM Abdullah Badawi and his team of ‘janitors’ who make up the sweep the nation’s assets clean, cabinet.

The question is, do Malaysians have it in them to do the sweeping and spring cleaning of our Parliament and Senate?

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