September 21, 2023


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Why Malaysians protest Abdullah Badawi’s policies?

There are a number of reasons why a growing number of Malaysians are getting quite pissed off at Abdullah Badawi and his administration.

  • First and foremost on the list is his innovation of adding the term ‘Hadhari’ to the teachings of Islam.

His screwup by doing so just alienated him from the Muslims who detest any forms of ‘bida’ah’ and his continuation of his policies in propagating his idea of trying to improve on a faith that is already perfect just adds fuel to the fire of resentment against him and his team of yesmen and women in the current BN cabinet.

As long as he continues his agenda in wanting to be one up over the teachings of Rasul Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam, he’ll find no support from the majority of the Muslims here who honor and respect the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam till Yaum al Akhirah.

  • Next is his failure to deliver on his promises for a transparent, clean and fair government.

We all know about how corruption and abuses of power cases are deemed not relevant and simply closed by the tainted judiciary and the criminals acquitted and discharged. Even when evidences are produced, those evidences are ruled not relative to the cases and pushed aside.

Witnesses are not accorded proper protection and at times, it is the whistleblowers who face the rap. We all know about how the VK Lingam and ‘former’ Chief Justice phone conversation video is being disregarded and ruled inadmissible evidence further deteriorating whatever remnants of integrity there ever was in the Malaysian justice system.

  • His refusal to deliver on his promises for a freer society where the people’s rights to assemble in peace are denied consistently and police are ordered to deny any permits to legitimate societies and political parties to hold their events and gatherings.

Arrogance creeps in the current Prime Minister’s heart because of the way he managed to get an almost landslide victory in the last GE. As such, he denies the Malaysian public their rightful venues for exercising their democratic rights and is a worse dictator than Mahathir ever was.

People take to the streets because they are not happy with the way certain things are being done here in this nation.

Try practicing what he promised us and he’ll see a different situation amongst the masses.

Remove the term ‘Hadhari’ from whatever activities he is carrying out in the name of Islam and see a better reaction from the Malaysian Muslims.

Be fair to all as far as rights and privileges are concerned and Malaysians would have no problems that need protesting.

Failure to address these issues will see Badawi facing a backlash soon in the coming elections.

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