April 14, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

BERSIH rally turned dirty – What now Malaysian Opposition?

I refer to the BERSIH rally which turned a bit dirty yesterday and saw many rally goers teargassed and sprayed with acid laced chemical water by the FRU water cannons at Masjid Jamek and Sogo areas.

So, the rally ‘succeeded’ with the handing over of the memorandum to the Agong’s Secretary.
What next?

Is the Opposition satisfied?

Has any follicle of Abdullah Badawi or Najib Tun Razak dropped and any harm even done to the BN’s iron grip on this nation?

I bet that the duo didn’t even lose a wink of sleep last night compared to the rally goers who got teargassed and sprayed with the FRU’s acid laced chemical bath yesterday!

I don’t see where the BN is even affected by yesterday’s rally and all the protests and demonstrations organized and carried out by our nation’s loose coalition of the Malaysian Opposition.

Let me ask the BA ‘leaders’. What lineup do you propose for us Malaysians to support for the next GE?

Who do you have for us lined up to be the alternative Malaysian Cabinet if the unforeseeable ever takes place here in this country and you do get to topple the BN in the next general elections?

Who’s gonna be the PM? DPM? Cabinet Ministers, etc?

Anyone from the Opposition leadership care to comment?

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