April 14, 2024


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BERSIH Nov. 10 Rally – Deafening Silence of Istana Negara!

I refer to the deafening silence from the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong, Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin with regard to the BERSIH rally scheduled to be held tomorrow at 3.00pm in the grounds of Dataran Merdeka with regard to Malaysian citizens who wish to see a clean General Election this time around.

The BERSIH Nov.10 rally organizers are asking Malaysians who will be attending the rally to dress in yellow as a mark of respect and hope for intervention from the Supreme King of Malaysia, His Majesty the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong himself to avoid police brutality from taking place at the proposed public rally.

The irony is that although this public rally is common knowledge throughout Malaysia and the main mass media have been reporting and broadcasting updates about the denial of police permits to the organizers of the BERSIH coalition and threaten to use force upon those who attend the rally, the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong’s silence is deeply regretted and a cause of concern to me and the rest of the Malaysian Blogosphere and citizens who are concerned about our nation.

His Majesty, Tuanku Mizan stands to go down in history as a King who didn’t or doesn’t care about us Malaysians, His Majesty’s subjects who face imminent lethal harm from the very police force who are supposed to protect us from any dangers in upholding our rights and freedom to assemble in peace as guaranteed and provided for in the Malaysian Constitution.

I await the appropriate response from Istana Negara regarding the wish of Malaysians attending tomorrow’s public rally to be protected from any instigation by agent provocateurs from the security forces and allowed to be carried out peacefully without any untoward incidents and avoid any bloodshed of Malaysians who just wish to assemble and exercise their rights as free citizens of this nation.

Do you think that Tuanku Mizan will arise to the occasion and fulfill the aspirations of the people?

This is the burning question raging in every concerned Malaysian citizen’s heart and mind with regard to the public rally that to date has been denied a police permit and the looming threat of police action against common citizens who are just wishing to put to practice a basic right guaranteed to them in the very foundation of this country, the Federal Constitution of Malaya, now turned Malaysia!

Can we have an answer from Istana Negara regarding the people’s wish or are Malaysians being left to their own designs and face potential danger to their persons from the FRU and other uniformed security agencies if they turn up at the rally?

If the Agong remains silent on this issue, then surely the people will know as to whether the color yellow is a symbol of royalty or more suitable to be regarded as the color they associate with the opposite of red, the color of those who are courageous and the mark of the warrior?

What do you think the Agong is going to do? Royal Consent or Royal ‘Brush Off’ of the rally?

For the latest updates on tomorrow’s rally, keep checking Malaysiakini and Malaysia-Today who are covering the event in depth and detail.

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