April 13, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Malaysian Enigma over Abdullah Badawi’s BN Government.

I believe that many Malaysians are just sort of confused with the way many things are taking place in this nation especially with the state of affairs concerning the judicial hullabaloo, parliamentary shenanigans and the way the minister in charge simply dismisses off anyone who dare to question him and other abuses taking place in the going stir crazy Abdullah Badawi’s BN government if you can call it that?

There are just too many cases cropping up here and there and then quickly made to disappear into the labyrinth of official government buffoonery.

Criminals who get exposed are so often whitewashed and left to roam free. Witnesses’s testimonies never see the light of day or are ruled irrelevant.

Visual proofs and evidences are denied authenticity and dubious tribunals are set up without real power to call up and question anybody who’s implicated in the exposes.

Every Ahmad, Ah Seng and Samy in power act as if they are beyond reproach and are as clean as a bloody whistle!

Things are not just the same since Mahathir stepped down. At least, back then, the Father of Modernization kicked ass and we had one main target to vent our frustrations upon!

With Abdullah Badawi , Malaysians are sort of perplexed as to how to deal with this fumbling fella?

There’s just so many things that he does and doesn’t do that sort of leaves Malaysians in a political enigma.

Whatever it is, Malaysians are simply too pissed off with such a inconsistent administration that is more smoke than fire!

We have more pressing things to fight for than to be lulled into a false sense of national achievement such as the recent sending into space of a Malaysian glamorized as a bloody astronaut!

What good is that going to do for the nation’s 26 million Malaysians?

The Malaysian Judiciary is no longer respected and even the highest judge in the country is now being viewed with skepticism by the people and the nation’s security forces are riddled with graft and abuses of power.

We just need to take a step back and see things in a clearer perspective.

YM Raja Petra sms’d me earlier this morning informing me of the ‘explosive press conference’ by Dato’ Ramli Yusof, the controversial Director of the PDRM’s Commercial Crime division where he admits to be the RM27 million police officer alleged to being investigated by the ACA.

Somehow, my gut feeling told me that I should stay off from attending the press conference because frankly speaking as a blogger, I know we won’t be allowed to attend the event.

Just now, I came home from the city and saw the Malaysiakini report saying that the Director chased them out of the press conference and he was also asking whether Malaysia Today was present in order to chase them out too?

So, no thank you to listening to another senior official spewing his words out that to me neither enriches me or is of value to my concern!

All such persons will eventually be judged by the Supreme Judge of us all in the hereafter, no matter who the bloody hell they are!

As for me, I hope that Malaysians reading this will learn about the real deal affecting us and our future and learn to sift through the bullshit that the ministry of Propaganda and the clowns in officialdom are crapping regularly onto the nation’s population!

It’s not a mirage anymore. You can see through the whole ‘sandiwara’ and know who’s telling the truth and who’s trying to bullshit their way through the rhetoric of ‘Cemerlang, Gemilang and Terbilang’!

Come the next GE, vote these clowns out! That is if you value the rights that you have failing which just keep on returning those who will sell us out to fill their own pockets!

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