August 2, 2022


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Dead Cops – BN Govt says there’s no funds to buy bulletproof vests!

First and foremost, my condolences to the families of the two recently killed on duty, policemen
Lance Corporal J.Jaya Balan from the Gombak Police Narcotics Division and Selangor Police Contingent Headquarters Lance Corporal M.Alagesan.

Chances are that they would still be alive today had they been fitted with bulletproof vests by their police department before going out on the mission.

But unfortunately, this necessity for supplying bulletproof vests is not the main priority for our Malaysian Government.

According to the report in Utusan Malaysia here, the Inspector General of Police, Tan Sri Musa Hassan says that the PDRM has no funds to purchase enough bulletproof vests for each and every policeman who goes out on duty and such limited vests are only given to officers and policemen who carry out dangerous missions.

Weren’t Lance Corporals Jaya Balan and Alagesan on such deadly missions? Were their life’s not important to be protected and preserved by the PDRM?

Wasn’t the government so flushed with cash that they could afford to send a doctor cum part time model on a RM95,000,000.00 space trip recently?

I am not a bloody accountant but still some simple calculations based on commonsense can deduce that that space mission’s cost if converted to the purchase of the much needed bulletproof vests that cost averaging RM3000<> USD$700 a piece can buy the PDRM 31,666 bulletproof vests! Click here for the info relating to the above featured vest.

Click here to check for yourselves the range of products and costs of the bulletproof vests manufactured by one of the major US companies. Here and here as well.

Isn’t the Malaysian Government so flushed with cash that they could splurge on so many extravagant fiestas and concerts after concerts that take place so very often and broadcasted live to the entire BN hoodwinked nation?

Isn’t our Malaysian Government so flushed with cash that they think nothing of spending so much money sending their officials all over the world every now and then on the slightest excuse or pretext of such trips being official trade missions?

So, I ask the Malaysian Government, what bloody hell kind of a cock and bull excuse is that they do not have the funds to buy and supply our police officers with such an important life saving body armor when going out on deadly missions?

How can they escape retribution from Allah the Almighty later on in the hereafter when they have to stand before Allah and answer for their sins of negligence and lack of responsibility over those who have died as a result of their criminal breach of trust in running this nation?

So many policemen died because some bloody idiots in political positions gave such stupid excuses not to allocate the necessary funds to purchase those badly needed bulletproof vests for the PDRM and instead do not waste a second in ego boosting space flights in the name of ‘Malaysia Boleh’!

Can such a rotten team be re-elected into office by the nation in the next GE?

Don’t be surprised. Malaysians have proven to be bloody stupid in returning the same bunch of crooks into power every bloody GE since they got free from the British Colonials.

I think it’s in their blood to be born stupid and remain oblivious to all the shenanigans that the BN and their coalition of ‘ampukings’ keep dishing out to the gullible, clueless masses who just so love to pesta and fiesta as they please to kingdom come!

So, dear PDRM officers, you are on your own. Next time you go out on your crime busting missions, remember that you are out there exposed to mortal danger without protection because your government thinks it’s better to waste money on space flights instead of buying you your bulletproof vests.

Funny thing though, the FRU seems very well protected from head to toe when it comes to bashing up poor civilians who have no other options than to protest against those very corrupt officials in government when those rascals go overboard in their abusing of the privileges of holding power all these 50 years since Independence.

Looks like even policemen can be bloody stupid when they know for sure what kind of corrupt officials they have been protecting all these while! Every policeman and woman knows this!

So, Malaysians, don’t say that you don’t know. Don’t say that no one is sin free. All such excuses do not warrant us to continue living a lie and say that everything’s kosher here in Malaysia!

Those policemen died for free. Blame it all on Abdullah Badawi and his cabinet of yesmen who continue to screw us all in the name of ‘Cemerlang, Gemilang, Terbilang‘!

Tell it to the widows of Jaya Balan and Alagesan! Who’s gonna fend for them now? The BN?

Yeah! Right!